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Cowboys News & Notes: Is Jared Goff A Trade-Up Target For Cowboys?

We all better get used to hearing it. The chit chat about the Cowboys and a passer is not going to end until after the draft, so we will have plenty of opportunities to discuss the subject over the next few months.

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Cowboys Keeping All Options on the Table at Quarterback Position - Scott Crisp,

After going through Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassel, and Kellen Moore in the wake of Tony Romo's injury it is clear that Dallas is in need of some help at quarterback. What is less clear is the Cowboys intentions for the position. Multiple courses are open to the team, as Stephen Jones discussed recently.

All the options are just those, options, whether it be drafting a high pick, whether drafting a lower pick for more of a developmental situation or whether we look at a prominent quarterback as a backup or as a potential in-the-game guy,” executive vice president Stephen Jones said, per the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “They’re all there.”

Draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. asks: Should Cowboys trade up for QB Jared Goff? - Drew Davison, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

It's going to be very tempting [for the Cowboys] to go quarterback, You've got a shot to get a player of the caliber of Jared Goff and be the heir apparent to Tony Romo? You've got to think [trading up] is something that's at least a possibility." - Mel Kiper, Jr.

There are many of us who put little stock into Kiper's early opinions during the pre-draft perios, but Goff will be one guy the Cowboys put their due diligence in on. Right now he should be considered the cream of a thin quarterback crop. There may be others out there that are a better choice, and some of us here on the front page think that there are, but what Mel says also makes sense.

10 things to know about QB prospect Paxton Lynch - Dallas Morning News

Should the Cowboys look to go with a passer early in the draft, Paxton Lynch would be a guy they will take a look at. Lynch does bring an interesting element that few of this season's prospects have. He throws one of the better deep balls that I have ever seen from a collegiate quarterback. He is uncanny accurate with his long passes and he is not shy about demonstrating that ability. If Dallas is going to go the Aaron Rodgers route and take their guy now and let him be the understudy for a couple seasons, Paxton Lynch could be the name they turn in.

Carson Wentz, Jake Coker among QBs Cowboys could coach in Senior Bowl - Brandon George, Dallas Morning News

Tired of all the quarterback talk yet?

With the Cowboys staff doing the coaching for one side at the Senior Bowl, Dallas will get a very good look at some of the top QB prospects the draft has to offer. The one that has my attention is Carson Wentz.  The North Dakota State prospect has been setting semi-quietly on my radar for a while, and he is also generating some love from my colleagues here at BTB as well. In my opinion, he should go ahead of Goff.

They will get a long look at four of the nation's best senior quarterbacks. The North and South rosters for the game will be set Friday, Jan. 22.

Usually, the Senior Bowl takes six quarterbacks, with three on each team. This year the number of quarterbacks in the game has increased to eight.

Cowboys Outlook On Their Own 18 Free Agents - Mike Fisher, CBS DFW

Just as we get rolling on one position, along comes Fisher to remind us that the off-season revolves around more than just who the Cowboys select in the first round. The team has roughly a third of its talent eligible for free agency.

The first order of business inside Valley Ranch will be decided what to do with “their own,” the 18 Cowboys who are themselves now without contracts for 2016.

Most of these guys are not the flashy types, but there are also a few guys that the team really needs to have around because they fit a role that must be filled. They give you the NFL level depth that Jason Garret used to harp on so frequently during his early days as head coach. Bernadeau, Leary, and Mincey; those are the type of guys that the Boys need to get locked in to return.

Bob Sturm's 2016 NFL draft profile series: What I See In Alabama LB Reggie Ragland - Bob Sturm, Dallas Morning News

Like Fish, Bub Sturm appears to have missed the memo that we are talking about QBs. He comes along with a look at one of my favorite defensive players available in the draft. Reggie Ragland, like incumbant free agent Rolando McClain, is an Alabama product. The difference that Sturm sees is that Ragland is a legitimate top guy in the draft regardless of the talent around him. He can ball in any system. This is not always true of the guys who play in Nick Sabin's defensive scheme. But there's a catch.

Ragland runs an estimated 4.7 40-yard dash.  That is fast enough, but barely. Unlike centers or guards, inside linebackers regularly have to run 40 yards on a down and that speed difference is going to be a potential issue to keep him on the field in all situations.  This isn't to say that he can't be a difference-maker in the NFL, because he does enough things very well that I am sure he has a long career ahead of him.  But, it might mean he is not that guy Dallas wants to replace Rolando McClain unless the price drops from that "top half of the 1st round" that many are throwing around at this point.  You cannot pay premium prices unless you hope to get 800-900 snaps out of him.  And for that, he must be on the field in all situations.  This one will be an interesting study.


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