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Fitz Catch vs. Bryant Non-Catch: Proof The NFL Catch Rule Is Inconsistent


Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The picture below is making its way around the internet. I wish I could credit whoever put this together, but it's been reposted so often I have no idea where it originated. In any case, it offers a great visual comparison of two very similar catches that resulted in very different calls.

Fitzgerald's catch caused a digital tidal wave on social media when Cowboys fans and others began openly questioning whether the NFL has any clue what it's doing. That wave of outrage is neatly summarized in the two following articles:

Jordan Spieth says what everyone is thinking: Dez caught it; Dean Blandino even weighs in - SportsDay

Larry Fitzgerald Catch Draws Epic Twitter Response from Dez Bryant - Inside The Star

Even Mike McCarthy, whose team benefited from the Bryant non-catch, and now came up on the short end of the stick on Fitzgerald's catch, is baffled about what a catch is in the NFL.

Plus they got the coin unflip.

Karma, baby.

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