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NFL Week 17 Fan Picks: Fans Expect Cowboys To Secure Fourth Overall Pick

By a very slim margin, fans expect the Redskins to win over the Cowboys, thus helping the Cowboys secure the 4th overall draft spot. But what if the Cowboys win?

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The participants in our Pick 256 challenge still have until kickoff tomorrow at 1:00 pm EST to submit their final picks, but we're taking an early peak at where the picks are trending, and what those picks could mean for the Cowboys' draft spot.

Here's an overview of the interim votes for the Week 17 games.

Week 17 Picks, 148 participants
Game Favorite BTB vote
TB @ CAR (-10.5) Carolina 97%
SD @ DEN (-9) Denver 97%
BAL @ CIN (-9.5) Cincinnati 95%
PIT (-10.5) @ CLE Pittsburgh 95%
NE (-10) @ MIA New England 92%
OAK @ KC (-7) Kansas City 91%
PHI @ NYG (-3.5) New York Giants 89%
SEA @ ARI (-6.5) Arizona 89%
JAC @ HOU (-6.5) Houston 86%
TEN @ IND (-6) Indy 86%
STL (-3) @ SF St. Louis 85%
NYJ (-2.5) @ BUF New York Jets 84%
NO @ ATL (-5.5) Atlanta 77%
WAS @ DAL (-4) Washington 54%
MIN @ GB (-3) Minnesota 53%
DET @ CHI (PK) Detroit 51%

With their expected losse, the Titans, Browns, and Chargers lock up the top three spots in the 2016 NFL draft. If the Chargers were to win unexpectedly in Denver, the Cowboys could move up to the third overall spot - with an own loss against the Redskins. The possibility of the Browns winning gainst the Steelers is so remote it's not worth bothering with.

The Cowboys, with a projected loss tomorrow, would secure the fourth overall spot ahead of the 49ers based on a weaker strength of schedule. But Cowboys fans don't feel particularly sure about a loss tomorrow, as the Redskins are only favored by a fairly slim margin, and the Vegas oddsmakers even have the Cowboys as 4-point favorites.

Based on the projected outcomes above, here's how the top 11 draft spots would shake out:

1. Tennessee Titans, 3-13 (0.492)
2. Cleveland Browns, 3-13 (0.535)
3. San Diego Chargers, 4-12 (0.523)
4. Dallas Cowboys, 4-12 (0.527)
5. San Francisco 49ers, 4-12 (0.555)
6. Jacksonville Jaguars, 5-11 (0.473)
7. Miami Dolphins, 5-11 (0.477)
8. Baltimore Ravens, 5-11 (0.504)
9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 6-10 (0.488)
10. New Orleans Saints, 6-10 (0.516)
11. Philadelphia Eagles, 6-10 (0.520)
12. Chicago Bears, 6-10 (0.547)

If the Cowboys were to win tomorrow, they'd drop to the eighth overall spot with a 5-11 overall record. The Pick 256 projection above has the Jaguars, Dolphins, and Ravens also finishing the season with a 5-11 record. To move up the draft order from the eighth spot, the Cowboys would need those teams to win: each win by any of the three would move the Cowboys up one spot.


Here's a link to the Excel file with all the picks for Week 17 as per 11:00 AM EST this morning.

Pick 256 Tracker 2015 - Week 17

You can review your own picks, you can review the picks made by other contestants, and you can re-submit your picks if you so wish.

You can submit new picks at any time before kickoff on Sunday. When there are multiple picks by the same BTB member, our pick tracker will always default to the latest entry.

Here's the link to the entry form.

If the link above doesn't work for whatever reason, use the following alternative, which does not autofill your BTB user name into the entry form.

Alternative Pick 256 Entry Form

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