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Cowboys News & Notes: Bob Sturm Debunks Mel Kiper; Cowboys Cleared For Takeoff

All the news you need to know about the Dallas Cowboys.

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Bob Sturm's draft profile series: Why Oregon DE DeForest Buckner doesn't fit with Cowboys - Bob Sturm, Dallas Morning News

At some point or another it seems that every college player who is somebody gets mocked to the Dallas Cowboys. It happens; it is the nature of the beast. Last week it was DeForest Buckner's turn to be linked to the Boys, at least in the eyes of Mel Kiper.  Now along comes Sturm asking a couple questions that need to be asked by those who actually make this type of decision for real instead of from behind a camera or keyboard.

The questions are always going to be the following when ranking draft prospects this far up the board.  Is he good or great at the NFL level and how does he fit in with the Dallas Cowboys approach to defense?

I won't give you the answers to Bob's questions, you can figure that out from the title.  What I will tell you is that as an added bonus, Mr. Sturm does throw out a couple good tips on how to properly evaluate a prospect and what he may offer to the team.

A healthy Tony Romo (and a little luck) could make Cowboys contenders in '16 - Jean-Jacques Taylor, ESPN

It is a pretty open secret that I have often taken a contrary view from those taken by Taylor. We see things differently but that does not mean that I have no appreciation for his point of view. There are some times when we both see things through the same set of eyes and this is one of those. JJT gives us a well-reasoned perspective on why the sky is not falling in Dallas despite the dismal results of 2015.

Dallas, however, isn't that far from being one of the NFC’s contenders again, and it should shock no one if the Cowboys are one of the teams contending for a spot in the conference title game next year. With a little luck, a year from now 2015 might be seen as an aberration -- not the continuation of a franchise mired in the muck of mediocrity for parts of the past three decades.

Dallas Cowboys Offseason 2016: A Three-Step Plan For Free Agency - Michael Sisemore, Blogging The Boys

I usually shy away from linking to posts on our own site, primarily because most of our readers have already digested the contents, but Michael gives us one of the best thought out strategies for the upcoming free agency period.

Lots of decisions looming for the Cowboys. If they follow a formula of filling out the roster with quality depth signings and sprinkle in a few impact players, there is no reason that they won't be back in the thick of things soon enough.

Great Wall of Dallas 2.0: Cowboys offensive line ranked as best in the NFL - Dallas Morning News Staff

The old eyeball test told me that the Cowboys offensive unit did not perform up to last years's standards, but I would have still considered them to be a top three unit. Now along comes Pro Football Focus, and their scoring methods, and they tell the world that Dallas had both the top run and pass blocking units in the league.

"That's two years in a row atop our rankings for the Cowboys, who have reaped the rewards on their heavy investment in talent with first-round picks. All three of their former top picks graded in the top three at their respective positions, and even the less-heralded members were hardly poor. The Cowboys are our top offensive line for the second year in a row, and the truth is, it wasn't even close." - Pro Football Focus

Does anyone else remember when the team's biggest woes revolved around the men up front?

Dallas Cowboys Get FAA Go-Ahead for Drone Use During Practice - Devin Coldewey, NBC News

It was not that long ago that I wrote a piece about the latest toy that the Dallas Cowboys had acquired to help them further evaluate and film the team during practice. Shortly thereafter the FAA came along and grounded the team's fledgling drone program until they could come up with a strict set of guidelines for the use of drones and a licensing procedure for the operators. Recently Uncle Sam approved drone usage in the NFL as a concept. That was conditional on each team obtaining individual approval for its specific purposes. Now the Cowboys have gotten the final go-ahead.

Sad to say, not just anyone can come in and fly the bird for Jason Garrett and his staff. The FAA is requiring it to be under the control of a licensed pilot who must maintain line of sight with the aircraft.

Oops! NFL refs forget balls at hotel before Patriots game -

Sorry! This was just too funny of a headline for me not include. Go figure, it involved the Patriots.

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