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Tony Romo Likely To Have Surgery On Collarbone Soon

Based on reports, there is still a question as to "when", but there is not much "if" about it anymore.

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Sunday was the day of the NFL conference championships, so you figured all the news would be about the teams participating. But in the hours before the games started, there was a sudden surge in traffic on the interwebs about Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, because, America's Team.

Of course, as with almost anything concerning the Cowboys, there is a certain level of controversy.

The decision may not be certain, but it seems that a procedure to shore up Romo's collarbone is very likely. The timing does appear to be up in the air, based on how well his healing is progressing. A later report from Todd Archer, who is usually very accurate, indicates that the timing of the surgery is intended to have the bone healed as much as possible (the surgery to insert a plate is to make future injury less likely, not repair past damage) while still allowing Romo to participate fully in the offseason program.

Last Saturday Romo said he would be "ready to rock" for the organized team activities. By Romo's timeline, that puts him back on the field in May.


Romo missed 12 games in 2015 because of the collarbone injuries. The impending surgery is expected to make the area more secure. He broke it first in 2010, missed 10 games and did not have surgery. He broke it in Weeks 2 and 12 in 2015 and did not have immediate surgery.

The recent delay has allowed the bone to heal more so that the plate will allow for more strength to the area. Is it foolproof? No, but it can't hurt.

When Romo suffered the re-injury, the team did not put him on IR immediately with an eye to having him available if they made the playoffs (as laughable as that seems in hindsight). That also seems to have been a smart move (intentionally or not) as far as putting him in position to get the most out of the surgery. Although it is not 100 per cent certain that the surgery will take place, it does look like it is more a matter of timing now. We will keep you informed.

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