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Cowboys News & Notes: How Cowboys Can Get The No. 2 Overall Draft Pick

Latest Cowboys headlines: Why the Cowboys should draft a quarterback now; why they shouldn't draft a DB in the Top 10; why Brice Butler could replace Terrance Williams; why Garrett's job is safe for now.

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A guide to every Week 17 game that matters for the Cowboys' draft slot; How they can end up with No. 2 pick -  SportsDay Staff
The DMN staff explain how the Cowboys could end up with the No. 2 overall pick, provided they lose today.

The Browns beat the Steelers AND
The Chargers beat the Broncos AND
The Jets beat the Bills AND
The Titans beat the Colts AND
The Cardinals beat the Seahawks AND
The Packers beat the Vikings

In this scenario, the Browns, Cowboys, Titans, and possibly the 49ers would all end up with 4-12 records. The Titans would have the No. 1 overall pick based on their strength of schedule. The Cowboys and Browns would be tied in strength of schedule and the No. 2 and No. 3 position would come down to a coin flip.

That's seven games that have to go exactly how the Cowboys need them to, the likelihood of which is approaching zero asymptotically. But the DMN explains the scenarios for all other picks from No. 3 through No. 8 as well.

Cowboys head into season finale with eye on future, changes in philosophy - Clarence Hill, Centre Daily Times
Hill argues that the biggest change the Cowboys can make this offseason is philosophical in nature.

A team that has drafted only two quarterbacks since 1991 and only one since Romo took over in 2006 will finally address the position in the draft as they begin the process of looking for Romo's successor as well as a suitable backup for next two years.

"Last year, pass rush was a priority. We got after it in pass rushing," Jerry Jones said. "This year, we were hot off the press, hot off the stove with the quarterback situation, we're going to address it and we should address it. I think the thing that motivates me to address it, both short and long term, Romo relatively short, three to five (years), and then long term with a prospect that might be the future is the fact that we're close. You can operate pretty good in this territory."


Why Cowboys should draft a quarterback now, make sure he doesn't play his rookie year - Bob Sturm, SportsDay
Sturm makes a case for why the Cowboys should make the long play and use one of their first two picks on a quarterback.

It is time to draft the next guy. If I wait too much longer, he will have to play the year Romo leaves as a rookie and I wish to avoid that. I want the next guy to succeed, so I wish to start his learning process in April and then not need him until the 2018 season (maybe).

Almost all QBs worth anything are 1st rounders. A few are 2nd rounders. And a very, very few are after that. You need to target the best in class. I think a Top 5 pick might allow you to take the guy you like the most, although Cleveland is going to be a problem there. But, I am not against a QB as high as you need to get your guy. If you are sure and he checks all of the boxes, I don't care if he won't play in 2016. He is still the next decade of your franchise if you do it right. You always make the long play when you can.

Bob Sturm: "I don't love DB in the top 10." - SportsDay
In a recent chat, Sturm expressed his misgivings about drafting a DB high.

Question: Hi Bob, Norm [Hitzges of SportsRadio 1310 The Ticket] is making me crazy emphatically declaring that the Cowboys need to go DB (again) in the top 10. I personally hate that idea because I think DB can be had in the 2nd and 3rd round. Your thought on using a top 10 pick on a DB?

Bob Sturm: I don't love DB in the top 10. I might be talked into the FSU safety Jalen Ramsey, but I am not touching a small corner up that high. Overall, in the top 10, I want a franchise player - QB, RB - maybe WR, LT or DE. So that is where I start my shopping list.


Could Brice Butler Replace Terrance Williams in 2016? – Marcus Mosher, Footbology
Brice Butler will be one player who has something to play for today: a chance at moving up the depth chart, at least according to Mosher, who takes a detailed look at Butler and some of his highlight plays from last week.

One of the things that makes Butler interesting is that he is by far the most explosive/athletic wide receiver that the team has. According to the SPARQ index (measures how athletic a player is compared to his peers), Butler ranks in the 89th percentile for all receivers.

OTA’s and Mini-Camps are going to be huge for Butler. With Dez Bryant not likely to participate fully in all of the off-season activities, Butler will have an opportunity to impress the coaches and Tony Romo in the hopes that he may be able to surpass Williams on the depth chart. I believe Butler has a higher ceiling than Terrance Williams and deserves an opportunity for playing time on the outside.

Injury Report: The Redskins Will Likely Rest Most Players Listed On The Injury Report - Kevin Ross, CBS DC
Today's game is meaningless to the Redskins in terms of their playoff berth, which gives them the perfect opportunity to give players on the injury report some extra rest.

Judging from the press conference, if Gruden is only going to play guys that are "healthy," it’s fair to conclude that any player listed on the injury report as "Out", "Questionable" or "Doubtful" will more than likely not see the field. This means that the Redskins will more than likely be without the following players on Sunday : CB Quinton Dunbar, S Dashon Goldson, CB DeAngelo Hall, DE Jason Hatcher, T Trent Williams, WR DeSean Jackson, RB Matt Jones, LB Perry Riley, Jr. and RB Pierre Thomas.

The above list of players are most certainly not going to see the field, but do not be surprised if starting quarterback Kirk Cousins is removed from the game almost immediately. Left Tackle Trent Williams was a part of the above listing, and if Williams does in fact miss the game, it will be interesting to see if the Redskins risk Cousins behind a shaky offensive line.


Garrett safe for now, but he deserves to be on hot seat for 2016 season - Tim Cowlishaw, SportsDay
Cowlishaw writes that the 2014 season showed enough promise to give garrett one more chance to make the playoffs with a healthy Romo and Bryant. But Cowlishaw also points out that other coaches in similar situations haven't been as lucky this year.

Miami is a game ahead of Dallas in the standings. The Dolphins fired their coach two months ago. Tennessee is one game behind the Cowboys. Despite having cast their fate with a rookie quarterback, who, like Romo, got hurt, the Titans fired their coach two months ago. In Indianapolis, Chuck Pagano has the Colts 7-8 and still clinging to the faintest of playoff hopes despite Andrew Luck's missing eight games. The Colts were 5-3 in those eight games. Can you imagine if the Cowboys had gone 5-3 without Romo?

Twitter mailbag: Why fans should have Confidence in Jason Garrett - Todd Archer, ESPN
In response to a Twitter question, Archer argues that Garrett deserves at least another year in Dallas.

For the people who have made up their mind about Jason Garrett, this answer will serve them no good. For those willing to keep an open mind about Garrett, then maybe this will give you hope.

First, this has not been a good season for Garrett or the coaching staff. They haven't adjusted to their talent, in my opinion. He has made mistakes. But I do believe Garrett brought stability to the franchise when it needed it. What he is preaching are the correct things. The Cowboys have added quality players. That Garrett had the teams in 2011-13 in position to make the postseason should be a credit when you look at some of those rosters.

In order to get rid of Garrett, you have to have a replacement. Who are you going to get? I don't see Sean Payton here. I don't think Bill Cowher wants to coach anymore and not sure he'd fit here anyway. Last year, everything went right. This year? A lot went wrong. I believe Garrett deserves another season to work his way out of the mess of 2015.


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