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NFL Playoff Schedule 2016: Teams Are Set, Vikings & Packers Last Seed To Be Decided

The NFL playoff participants are set.

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The Dallas Cowboys won't be in the playoffs, but NFL moves on without us and the playoff seeding is all but decided for the 2016 season. The New York Jets lost and the Pittsburgh Steelers won, finalizing the participants for the AFC. The NFC was a battle for seeding and the Carolina Panthers came out on top with the Arizona Cardinals taking the second seed. The only thing left to decide is the NFC North, where the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings battle for the right to win the division and either play Washington or the Seattle Seahawks.

And in case you didn't know, the Cowboys locked up the #4 pick in the draft with their loss today.


#1 seed (bye) Denver Broncos

#2 seed (bye) New England Patriots

#5 Kansas City Chiefs play at the #4 Houston Texans (next weekend)

#6 Pittsburgh Steelers play at the #3 Cincinnati Bengals (next weekend)


#1 seed (bye) Carolina Panthers

#2 seed (bye) Arizona Cardinals

If Green Bay wins tonight:

#6 Minnesota Vikings play at the #3 Green Bay Packers (next weekend)

#5 Seattle Seahawks play at #4 Washington (next weekend)

If Minnesota wins tonight:

#6 Seattle Seahawks play at the #3 Minnesota Vikings (next weekend)

#5 Green Bay Packers play at #4 Washington (next weekend)

So who you got BTB? With the Cowboys out of the playoffs, what bandwagon will you be jumping on?

This is also an open thread for Sunday Night Football.

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