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Johnny Manziel's Latest Incident Shows That The Cowboys Should Stay Clear

Amidst reports that the Cleveland Browns are about fed up with Johnny Manziel, many believe Jerry Jones will get a second chance at the former Aggie. Big mistake.

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According to reports, Johnny Manziel looks to have worn out his welcome with the Cleveland Browns organization. After being placed in the concussion protocol, Manziel failed to report to the team facilities on Sunday, which is an NFL requirement for players in his situation. There are even other reports circulating that the quarterback was seen in a Las Vegas casino, though he refuted the report with an Instagram post of he and his dog. Despite all of this, the various media outlets have begun to determine that this week's exit interviews will likely signal the end for the young man's stay in Ohio.

Chris Mortensen has gone as far as to say that he would be absolutely 'shocked' to see a Browns and Manziel reunion in 2016. Peter King spoke about Manziel's desire to play for the Dallas Cowboys, and we've continuously read report after report of Jerry Jones gushing over the former Aggie. However, this latest incident should show the Cowboys that they really don't need this headache. Over the past years, Stephen Jones and Will McClay have done a pretty nice job at helping the billionaire control his urges, but this one could be the most challenging. Ever since the Cowboys rightfully selected perennial All-Pro guard Zack Martin with the 16th pick, Jones has stuck with his decision while also throwing shade on how hard it was for him to pass on the enigmatic quarterback.

It would be a huge mistake for many reasons for the Cowboys to go this route though and the hope is that cooler heads will prevail this offseason, even if it's just as tough to pass again. Yet part of the fan base on BTB, on social media, and in various forums across the interwebs are looking for this to become a reality. The Cowboys have plenty of distractions already with their own cast of characters, and bringing JFF back to Texas and putting a star on his helmet is just one too many for this locker room. We have no idea what the Cowboys plan to do with free agents Greg Hardy and Rolando McClain, two guys that have questionable pasts and tremendous abilities on the field. If they do plan on re-signing both of these guys, then grabbing Johnny will tip the scales into the circus atmosphere that we've grown tired of hearing and reading about.

The truth is that Johnny Manziel warrants serious concerns in terms of his commitment to playing at the NFL level. He's had incident after incident. Whether it's a domestic dispute with his former girlfriendpartying in my hometown of Austin, missing mandatory meetings, or rehabilitation stints; right now, Johnny Manziel has more of a Lindsay Lohan than he has of an NFL quarterback. There is a reason the kid dropped all the way to 22nd when he was clearly one of the best players available and lit up the college world with his abilities. Some people cannot separate themselves from their alter ego. Johnny Manziel doesn't know the balance between responsibility and recreation. He's human just like everyone else, and surely many of us have had plenty of fun in our lifetimes. The difference is that we still have to wake up and face reality in the morning, something that Manziel has yet to do. If you go out and like to have a great time, that's fine and dandy, but you better be able to do your job when you're called upon. That's the difference between guys like Joe Namath and Michael Irvin and guys like Manziel.

Whether or not you believe the scouting reports that apparently leaked from the Patriots a few years ago or not (New England has since refuted the report), it doesn't change the fact that a lot of the words on that transcript are accurate. A guy like Johnny takes a lot of maintenance on and off the field and his latest excursion should be proof enough.

Has he sabotaged his time in Cleveland to get out of there? Cleveland has had its struggles and is about to hire their sixth coach since 2008, I don't blame him for not trusting the organization. However, the way he has behaved is unbecoming of a guy that you need to be able to rely on. You cannot rely on Johnny Football, he has shown us time and time again what he's about and it's not quarterbacking and leading a team on Sundays.

Is he polarizing? Sure. Does he have a ton of moxie? Absolutely he does, but that doesn't put away all the other red flags that are attached to his name. Jerry Jones loves analogies and this time, the juice is certainly not worth the squeeze.

The Cowboys need a quarterback to sit behind incumbent Tony Romo for the next several years until he's ready to ride off into the sunset. Their need for a backup quarterback was evident in their 4-12 season, and maybe Manziel could have won them some games, but this guy is bad news.

They will now have the fourth overall pick in this coming draft, they could easily take a Paxton Lynch or Jared Goff and groom either for the future. They could go out and find an NFL veteran to get them by until that inevitable day when Romo's ready to retire. One thing they shouldn't do is be convinced that they can be the savior for what ails Johnny Manziel. He wasn't the right selection in the 2014 draft and he's not the right decision again in 2016. Hopefully, the front office can keep him as far away from Valley Ranch as possible.

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