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Jerry Jones Willing To Take Some Risks At Backup Quarterback

The old wildcatter could be getting ready for the offseason.

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The Dallas Cowboys need a quality backup for Tony Romo. If the 2015 season taught us anything, it's that without Romo this can be a very bad football team. Unless the Cowboys find a quarterback that can at least keep the boat afloat in Romo's absence, they risk great disappointment every year. Romo is tough as nails, but he's had plenty of injuries recently and he's not getting younger. The Cowboys need a capable backup.

So this offseason is a crucial moment. Do the Cowboys go to the draft, go to free agency, or both in their search for the backup? As you know, one name has dominated the conversation for the past week or two. Johnny Manziel. Michael Sisemore laid out his objections to the move here, seeing it as too much risk. But Jerry Jones has always loved risk. Today, he made some comments that might have tipped his hand a bit when discussing a backup quarterback.

"Well, let's just put it like this: We all would be aware that to bet on [Kellen] Moore for our backup quarterback has elements of risk to it, but I'm not so sure that that's any riskier than anything you would do with a decision in the future," Jones said. "On the other hand, what would enhance me taking risk is a bigger upside. And if that upside is there, that old risk-reward situation, then, yeah. This is as far as we're going to go here now with this because I don't want to get involved in any type of tampering situation. We'd take some risks."

You can't read too much into that. He is making the point that whatever way you go you are taking on risk. That's just football. But the idea of not tampering suggests he has his eye on some players currently on a team that might not be on that team much longer. Obviously Manziel falls into that category, as does Robert Griffin III.

Later Jerry said even if they did sign a quarterback they still could draft another in the first round of the draft. One things for sure, the Cowboys backup quarterback position is going to be one hot offseason topic.

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