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Cowboys News & Notes: Cowboys Will Add Quarterbacks Via Draft And Free Agency

Latest Cowboys headlines: Cowboys likely to add both veteran & young QBs; Cowboys need to be realistic about Tony Romo's health and back; Cowboys have been smart about the salary cap.

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Cowboys could add veteran & young QBs - David Moore, SportsDay
Asked whether the Cowboys will look for Romo's successor in the draft or get a veteran quarterback in free agency, Stephen Jones was very clear:

"Both," Jones said. "I think we do want to have a veteran quarterback we feel good about. And it's not going to be any secret if there is a good, young quarterback -- and who is to say what round that will come in -- we need to start looking for a young guy as well.

"After what we went through this year, I think both is the right answer there."

Tony Romo's heir? Why Cowboys, other NFL teams are eyeing North Dakota State QB Carson Wentz - Rainer Sabin, SportsDay
Want to know what all the fuss is about with Wentz? Sabin explains:

He's generating buzz as a potential first- or second-round draft pick. Standing 6-6 and weighing 235 pounds, Wentz certainly looks the part, and the stats he's produced suggest he's worthy of being considered among the top quarterback prospects. This season he's thrown 16 touchdown passes and only two interceptions -- tantalizing numbers that have caught the eye of NFL scouts. All 32 teams have sent representatives to Fargo to find out more about Wentz, who is revered by his teammates.

But is Wentz truly the real deal? No one knows for certain. This weekend, the Cowboys will send a scout to the FCS title game as they begin the process of answering that question. Armed with the No. 4 overall selection, they appear to be in the market for a quarterback after the fiasco that unfolded in wake of the two collarbone injuries suffered by Tony Romo.

Aikman: Cowboys Need to be Realistic About Romo - Scott Crisp, NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth
Judging by what he's seen in the last year, Troy Aikman believes the Cowboys need to be realistic about their 35-year-old franchise quarterback. Aikman recounts one particularly worrying exchange with Romo.

Aikman remembered one exchange during Week 2 that gave him some pause where Romo is concerned. Romo had only been hit three times in the season opening victory over the Giants, but when he spoke to Aikman the next week in Philadelphia, Romo didn’t exactly sound like a quarterback who had stayed so consistently upright the week before.

"So when we talked to Tony the next week," Aikman said, "I said, 'You must feel like you didn't play last week. You barely got touched.' He said, 'Yeah, but at the end of the game I took a late hit in the back' and immediately said his back went back to where it was a year ago, in terms of how he had to manage it. So he was back to, 'OK, well how do I handle this this week?' And I thought that was very telling for a guy who's gotten a little bit older."



Cowboys Twitter mailbag: Cowboys have been smart about the salary cap - Todd Archer, ESPN
Archer is DFW's preeminent capologist and explains what's in store for the Cowboys from a cap point of view this year.

The Cowboys will not have to do any restructuring of contracts to get under the 2016 cap by March, which is a big plus. They have smartly corrected their cap situation during the last three seasons. Does that mean they won’t restructure contracts at all? No. They can always look at Tyron Smith’s contract to gain space. He has a $10 million base salary and a $14 million cap figure. He’s only 25, so the Cowboys wouldn’t mind pushing out future dollars on his deal. I would think they would be more leery of doing restructures of guys like Romo, Dez Bryant and Sean Lee, but all could be options in a pinch should the Cowboys need more room.

With the 2016 cap projected at $153 million, the Cowboy are currently projected to be about $10.7 million under the cap. With the restructures Archer mentions, the Cowboys could generate the following extra cap space, though restructuring Romo is certainly not advisable:

Tyron Smith: $7.4 million
Tony Romo: $5.6 million
Dez Bryant: $6.2 million
Sean Lee: $1.7 million

Cowboys' most pressing issues and why there's no way I would let Garrett go - Jon Machota, SportsDay
Jon Machota joined the Blogging The Boys podcast earlier this week and the DMN has a partial transcript of the podcast. Here is Machota sharing his thoughts on whether he'd keep the coaching staff intact.

At the top I would. As bad of a year as it was, you have to consider everything. You have to look at what they did a year ago, too. That's why you gave Jason Garrett a contract extension; that's why you gave Rod Marinelli and Scott Linehan contract extensions. I wouldn't change anything with those guys. You can just keep running off coaches. You do that, you're the Cleveland Browns; you're the Detroit Lions. You gotta give them at least another year.

There's an X factor in this business, and there's particularly one with the Dallas Cowboys. And that's Jerry Jones. You can't just bring any coach in here that's gonna just work flawlessly with Jerry. That's one thing I've always given Garrett credit for is the fact that he works together with Jerry about as well as I can imagine anybody in the NFL would. There's just no way I would let Garrett go. He totally deserves another year to right this ship.

Top five reasons the Cowboys finished 4-12 - Jon Machota, SportsDay
In part two of the BTB podcast transcript, Machota offers five reasons for last season's finish, including injuries, lack of turnovers, the backup QBs, coaching adjustments, and paraphrases Jason Witten on the last one:

The last one is like I said, I think six games that they lost by a touchdown or less. There were just no big plays down the stretch at all in the fourth quarter. That's the biggest thing Jason Witten would always bring up.

Four Cowboys, Including Three O-Linemen, Named 2nd Team All-Pro - Rob Phillips, Dallas Cowboys
Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick, Zack Martin and Dan Bailey were selected to The AP All-Pro second team yesterday.


5 things to know about Jerome Henderson - Andrew Gribble,
Henderson interviewed in Cleveland yesterday for their vacant head coach position, and the Browns site offers this take on his work in Dallas last year.

The Cowboys went through a woeful 2015 season and finished with one of their worst records in years, but pass defense wasn’t an issue. Dallas finished the year fifth in the league, allowing 227 yards through the air per game. The Cowboys allowed just five players to go over 100 receiving yards and intercepted eight passes.


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