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Can Cowboys Overcome No Tony Romo & Dez Bryant This Time?

This season is eerily similar in many cases to what happened last season, can the Cowboys make sure they don't fall to the same fate?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

No Tony Romo. No Dez Bryant, perhaps? This is starting to feel eerily similar to 2015. So, why do we still have confidence in the Cowboys stable of receivers? Maybe Dak Prescott has something to do with it? Last season, there were many things in disarray other than missing out on Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. Any confidence would be dashed not only by terrible quarterback play but also by off the field things were taking place.

Now, depending on which source you read, we're looking at 1-3 weeks without Dez Bryant due to a hairline fracture in his knee. Same story as last season, how will the receivers respond? They did absolutely no favors for Brandon Weeden or Matt Cassel last season. People forget that Weeden was completing over 70% of his passes, he had a 92.1 QB rating, he threw for 7.5 yards per clip. However, nobody stepped in and helped win games. Terrance Williams never stepped up, Cole Beasley didn't come along, Brice Butler got injured, and just forget about Devin Street.

So, if the All-Pro receiver Dez Bryant misses three games, can Dak count on his guys to make plays and deliver? That's what will be of the utmost importance. Dak has done a great job at getting the ball to the open man and he believes that his offense will be just fine.

"I don't really pay attention to who I'm throwing to," Prescott said. "I just go out there and go through my reads. Whoever is open gets the ball. I hope Dez gets well or is well really, really soon. But it doesn't really affect this offense."

He's not the only one showing confidence either, it seems as though this team is not waiting for anyone to walk through the door. Butler, who will likely play the X receiver with any absence of 88, also seems quite confident.

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