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Media Meltdown Over Dez Bryant Injury & Aftermath Is Just A Bit Silly

Mistakes were made by many, but the overreaction in the media is just a sideshow.

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By now, as Cowboys fans, we’ve been through a ringer of a week - but what’s new? The Dallas Cowboys are perhaps under more scrutiny than any other team in the NFL, just the mere mention of their name drums up national headlines.

Let’s start by saying that Dez Bryant didn’t handle everything perfectly, but humans rarely handle anything perfectly, especially when those things can be very personal. Bryant was injured on a nasty tackle on the second play of the game against the Chicago Bears. However, he was able to return to the field after telling his medical staff that he was fine. Dez would go on to play 50 more snaps in Sunday’s shellacking of the Bears and even hauled in his 60th touchdown pass.

Sometime after the game, Dez was spooked when he was told that his injury could be worse than originally expected. After spending the 2015 season injured and sometimes ineffective, Bryant didn’t want to feel that way again in a season where he has ‘high hopes’ and then he made a mistake. He put his coaches in a bad position because he was scared of what the results of a potential MRI would say about his 2016 season. Jason Garrett then protected his player and much to the chagrin of the local media, he was right to do that.

Wins and losses and everything in between ultimately fall on the head coach when all the dust and debris has cleared in the NFL. He protected Dez Bryant and didn’t give the news until all parties were informed. That’s where some local media felt they were wronged because Garrett gave that news to the opposing city’s media in his weekly conference call. In the days that have followed, he’s been diced up on social media and chastised in local columns for his protection of the player and I believe that’s by design.

Even though the news seems all too minor at this point, the local guys believed they were entitled to it before anyone else. Maybe that’s the rapport that they have built with the current head coach of the Cowboys but they didn’t exactly handle it the right way either. From sea to shining sea, every platform has made their opinions on the matter very public and some have gone overboard while other’s have engaged in senseless mocking and what can only be described as excessive complaining.

What has to be realized here is that Garrett’s obligation is not to the local media of Dallas, it is to his team and his players. Folks seem to have their own agendas and ideas that Garrett should levy fines or suspensions, and some media we won’t even name have gone as far as to suggest trading the Cowboys best receiver in his prime. All of this is hogwash to Jason Garrett because he has no obligation to appease the masses of talking heads. All he needs to do is lead his team and I guarantee you that none of his players are viewing him as ‘weak’ like some media members have passively aggressively stated. It’s quite the contrary as Dez is more than likely saying to himself; ‘Wow, this man really took it on the chin for me.’

We have to be more careful in our rush to judgement of how things are dealt with and our roles in the matter. Nobody is entitled to anything except their inalienable rights as human beings. Garrett could stand up at the podium and constantly ignore any reporter who asked him a question by simply saying ‘next question’. He could have security personnel keep local writers from following him in the ‘walk offs’ that have become so famous for these pundits in receiving the ‘real truth’ to any potential story. He doesn’t do that, he’s been very patient with media and he is quite kind to them in comparisons to some counterparts. Now, he has one gaffe by revealing the details as he received them and he’s suddenly the ‘weakest coach in the NFL’? I don’t buy that mess and neither should you.

Garrett acted well within his rights as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys whether or not some like how it all ended up. One thing is certain, it never needed to reach this level of a ‘spurned lover’ as it has become now. Still, media folks are jabbering about it all over the social media world and other outlets when it all seems to the masses of fans and blogospheres as pure silliness. There is one simple cure to this irrelevant hissy-fit; the Cowboys just need to beat the 49ers on Sunday. To quote the late Al Davis “Just win, baby.”

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