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Cowboys Injury Update: Tony Romo MRI Results, Dez Bryant Knee Status

The latest to the injuries on a couple of prominent Cowboys players.

The Dallas Cowboys still have a few major stars out with injury. Today, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gave everyone an update on where things stand with Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and Orlando Scandrick.

Tony Romo had an MRI on Monday and Jerry Jones seemed to indicate that the fracture in his vertebra has healed. He didn’t come out and exactly say it, but reading between the lines seem to indicate that was the case.

"The result was just as we expected, and he can really – I’ll put it like this, he has no more concern about this injury that has sideline him this year," said Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones on Tuesday morning.

So does that mean Romo will be ready to go soon? Not really, as Jones said Romo needs work on a few things.

"I would remind us the doctors have said, once healed, this injury will have no going forward impact on his ability to play football," Jones said. "It should be as strong or stronger than it was before the injury. What you’re into is getting him to get his core, his core and back area back in shape as he’s had to do for the last several years."

The Cowboys are not making any timetable predictions, and the more you hear from Jerry Jones, the more you could start to believe that the Cowboys are going to put Romo through the longest rehabilitation process possible, as long as Dak Prescott keeps winning.

"I think that Dak’s success, though, has given us the luxury. No one is happier about this than Tony," Jones said. "But it has given us the luxury to absolutely maximize any thought that we might have of his rehab time and just have the ability to weigh that as we go and pick our spots."

Jerry Jones has made the claim that Tony Romo is the number one quarterback, but I can’t help but think that Romo will only be number one when/ if Dak Prescott falters.

As for Dez Bryant, the Cowboys will once again evaluate him later this week to see if he can play against Green Bay. I think the natural tendency with the bye week coming up is to not play Dez this week, but against a quality team like Green Bay, if he's healthy they will need him.

"We'll have to see how he works this week," Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said Tuesday on 105.3 The Fan. "We won't take any chances there, but with the way he was running at the end of last week, he had some sensitivity or he would've played. But we'll take a good look at it this week."

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said Monday that Bryant is "moving around better" but the team will take his situation day by day.

Jones also mentioned that it is doubtful Orlando Scandrick will play this weekend. Good thing Anthony Brown is turning into another steal in the 2016 draft, the Cowboys have really needed him.

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