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Poll: Oddsmakers Expect Romo To Start In Week 9 At Cleveland. Do You?

Now you can even bet on when you think Romo will be back as the starter.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Seems like everybody has an opinion these days about if and when Tony Romo should take back the starting job in Dallas from Dak Prescott. Jimmy Johnson has weighed in, Roger Staubach has shared his opinion, Troy Aikman said his piece, and hundreds if not thousands of observers and media pundits offered up their opinions as well.

And now even the oddsmakers are joining the discussion, except theirs is not just another badly researched or awkwardly argued hot take. They're offering prop odds on when Romo will replace Prescott as the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

Here are the odds from, which give Romo the best odds of starting against the Cleveland Browns in Week 9.

Week Opponent Odds
Week 8 Philadelphia +1000
Week 9 @ Cleveland -105
Week 10 @ Pittsburgh +250
Week 11 Baltimore +375
Week 12 Washington +1200
Week 13 @ Minnesota +2500
Week 14 @ New York Giants +3500
Week 15 Tampa Bay +3500
Week 16 Detroit +3500
Week 17 @ Philadelphia +5000
Does not start in regular season +6500

We don't offer prop bets here on Blogging The Boys, but we do have a way to take the temperature of the Cowboys fan base, and that is via the poll below. Let us know in the poll if and when you expect Romo back as a starter, and share your thoughts on the odds offered in the comments section.

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