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Tony Romo Can Win The Battle But Ultimately Must Lose The War To Dak Prescott

No matter what happens, it won’t be long until the Dallas Cowboys are Dak Precott’s team.

Chicago Bears v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Like it or not, the Dallas Cowboys now have a quarterback controversy on their hands. A few months back the team invested in Dak Prescott as a project who would fill the short-term need as Tony Romo’s backup and who had the raw skills to serve as the potential heir to the throne. It was a good move strategically, and one that most likely was a season or two overdue. The only problem is that nobody seems to have bothered informing young Mr. Prescott that he was not supposed to have set the National Football League on fire.

The powers that be in Dallas had to know that the day was coming when there would be a battle for the starting QB position in Dallas. One can only assume that they consider this to be a good thing, after all one of the mantras preached by Jason Garrett has always been competition up and down the roster. 2018 looked to be the season when Prescott would be ready to challenge the veteran Dallas passer for his job but 2017 had the potential to be the year if things came together early. Not in anyone’s wildest dreams would Dak Prescott grab the bull by the horns and take control starting with the first game of his professional career.

He would not have gotten the opportunity had Tony Romo not suffered another injury to his back. We all know that; but reality is what it is. Dak has done absolutely nothing to merit his being benched. Neither has Tony Romo. Therein lies the problem. A healthy Romo deserves to be on the field leading his team while an expectation-exceeding Dak Prescott also deserves to keep the job. There are no easy answers for the Cowboys brain trust.

Looking at the big picture, the answer is obvious. Prescott is the future at quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys until such time as he proves to no longer be the answer. That may be a few weeks from now or it could be a decade or more into the future. Only time will tell.

For now it is time that is the looming enemy for Tony Romo, and it is time, not Dak Prescott, who will ultimately cost #9 his job with the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones may tell the world that Tony has another five seasons left in him, but Jerry can blow more smoke than a Cheech and Chong double-feature when he wants to. Reality is that Romo likely has a season or two left before Father Time catches up to him. He may have sat for some time at the start of his career but any advantage gained with that has more than been offset by the pounding that Romo took behind the Great Blue Sieve of Dallas. Even now, behind the second coming of the Great Wall, Tony’s body is failing him. The end is on the near horizon.

A choice must be made, and it must be made soon. Is this Dak Prescott’s team or is it Tony Romo’s? Regardless of the outcome of that decision, the most critical factor is that it must be quick and decisive. Jason Garrett and the offensive staff must speak with no uncertain voice at this time; Jerry Jones must stand solidly behind the decision. The most divisive part of a quarterback controversy is uncertainty. Dallas must make a decision and stick with it.

Tony Romo could possibly return, shake off the rust, and help lead the team to the promised land and claim the elusive ring that all Cowboys quarterbacks must earn to claim their rightful place alongside Staubach and Aikman. What he cannot do is return to the team expecting to be at the helm for the next several years. Reality says that the Dallas Cowboys future is now in the hands of Dak Prescott. Regardless of the outcome of the looming decision in front of the coaching staff, every man in that locker room knows that even if he wins the battle, Tony Romo is soon to lose the war with Dak Prescott.

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