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Dak Prescott To Start Against Eagles, But What About The Browns Game? Plus Other Injury Updates

We've gotten a pretty definitive answer about who will be the QB for the Eagles game, but what can we tell about the following games?

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

It doesn't come as a big surprise, but we've now gotten pretty solid confirmation that Dak Prescott will continue to be the Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback for, at least, one more week. This comes from two different sources.

That's one source, but there is another source who probably carries a lot more wight. Stephen Jones basically said that Tony Romo would not be ready for the Eagles game.

Will Tony Romo be ready for the Eagles game?

Jones: "I think he's still got time to go there. That was a stretch, was to think that he might get back to that. Obviously, with the way Dak's playing, I don't think anybody's rushing this situation with him, but I think it would've been a hard push to get him ready for that Eagles game."

So NFL fans will get to see the rookie QB clash that might define the NFC East for the next decade. Dak Prescott versus Carson Wentz.

As for the Browns game the following week, that one will likely be a big tell as to what the Cowboys plan to do. The Cowboys declared Romo healed of the fracture over a week ago, Jerry Jones went as far as to say they are not worried about him re-injuring the fracture, so it must be fully helaed. So now he is likely just doing conditioning and rehabbing. The Browns game would represent an ideal opportunity for him to get back in the swing of things if the Cowboys are going to play him this season. If they bypass that game, they might just be saying that Dak Prescott is the starter until further notice, independent of Romo's health. Although Jerry Jones has said there is no real time frame for Romo's return, that game against the Browns looks like the ideal inflection point.

As for the other Cowboys injuries, Jones thinks that Dez Bryant, Orlando Scandrick, Chaz Green and Kyle Wilber will all be back for the Eagles game. Lance Dunbar's return was deemed "iffy" by Jones. Mo Claiborne will go through the concussion protocol, but since it's a bye week they anticipate he'll be cleared to play buy the time the Eagles game rolls around.

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