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The Four Worst Suggestions For The Dak Prescott vs. Tony Romo Situation

There are some good ideas and some bad ideas about how to handle the Cowboys quarterback situation. Let's look at some bad ideas

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys have a problem. No matter what they do with their QB situation, it will cause people to be angry. Fortunately Jason Garrett, Tony Romo, and Dak Prescott have all shown that they want to do what they believe will really help the team win, regardless of fan opinion. They have developed the thick skin and an insular nature that is necessary for success but looks oddly similar to bull-headed stubbornness. It’s quite often that one is perceived wrongly as the other.

Still, to the point, a decision will have to be made. Let's just hope it's not one of these four.

4. Trade Romo to the Jets for Muhammad Wilkerson or Sheldon Richardson

In terms of improving both teams this might not be a bad trade. In terms of the salary cap it is a disaster. Dallas simply cannot trade Romo this year, though in the offseason, with perhaps a little sweetening of the pot for Dallas, Richardson might be worth some consideration. Wilkerson is salary cap bound to the Jets for years.

The idea of trading Tony Romo isn't too crazy, but it will take a lot of finesse to make it work. This deal isn't it.

3. Cut Romo and roll with Mark Sanchez

The specifically bad idea here was that Sanchez and Romo were roughly equivalent players, just that Romo cost a lot more. I’ll just let that statement stand on its own. The fact that there are two worse ideas out there really says a lot.

2. Trade Romo straight up for Trevor Siemian

This one comes by way of the Denver Post, which goes to show how lucky we are with our local writers. I suppose this trade makes a lot of sense for the Denver Broncos, but with a massively talented offense, Siemian managed just 4.6 yard per attempt and less than eight yards per completion against the 24th-ranked San Diego Chargers pass defense. How, exactly does this benefit Dallas, again?

1. Trade Dak Prescott

Say WHAT? Do people not remember the parade of QBs between Troy Aikman and Romo? Now we have a chance to avoid that whole fiasco again. Dropped out of the sky and into laps is a fourth-round pick who is the future and we’re supposed to give it up? Did you guys see what got invested into Carson Wentz and Jared Goff? Maybe you did, and figure with that haul of picks you can get another Dak two years down the road. Perhaps you didn’t notice that Goff is sitting on the bench and Wentz, who started off really strong, is deeply struggling with the loss of Lane Johnson.

No. We don’t let this one get away.

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