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What Will Goalpost Movers Think Of Next For Dak Prescott?

First is was vanilla defenses, then the absence of TD passes, then no long passess ... the goalposts for Dak Prescott have been put on skates to make them easier to move every week.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Moving the goalposts, sometimes also called 'raising the bar' or 'demanding impossible perfection', is a logical fallacy in which previously agreed upon standards for deciding an argument are arbitrarily changed once they have been met.

Instead of reconsidering their position or admitting defeat in light of new information, the goalpost movers demands from an opponent that he or she address more and more points after the initial counter-argument has been satisfied.

Almost inevitably, this back and forth will lead to the goalpost mover making an impossible request for proof.


Cowboys fans of course are no strangers to this fallacy, especially as it pertains to Dak Prescott. With a Texas-sized hat tip to BTB-member clearwall, here's a rundown of how the goalposts have been moved for Dak Prescott over the last two months.

When Dak Prescott finished the preseason with a 137.8 passer rating, along with five TDs and zero INTs, the goalpost movers talked about the "vanilla defenses" Prescott and the Cowboys faced: "It’s only preseason, " they said. "He won't look unstoppable against NFL defenses. He cant read NFL defenses yet." And then he did.

After Week 1, the simplified playbook was a hot topic. "He looked good, but he still looked like a rookie," the goalpost movers excitedly proclaimed. "He was using a modified playbook and not making any audibles." And then he did.

After Week 2, they focused on the absence of passing TDs: "He’s looking good but he still has not thrown a TD pass yet." And then he did.

After Week 3, the goalpost movers conceded he'd thrown a TD pass, but that wasn't enough either. "Well he threw one TD pass but he’s never thrown multiple TD passes." And then he did.

After Week 4, the goalpost movers found their next argument: "He will be exposed against the Bengals, because he hasn't faced a top defense yet." But he wasn't.

Dak Prescott has proven doubters wrong at every step. The goalpost movers will inevitably find more reasons why next week's game against the Packers will be the REAL test for Prescott.

In the meantime, Dak Prescott has a 4-1 QB record, still hasn't thrown an interception in 156 pass attempts, has his team in first place in the NFC East and on track for the No. 2 playoff seed in the NFC, and has a passer rating of 101.5.

If that's not enough for you, then you may be a goalpost mover.

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