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Jerry Jones: “Tony Romo Is Our No. 1 Quarterback”

The Cowboys owner made it clear that Tony Romo will become the starter when healthy.

NFL: New England Patriots at Dallas Cowboys Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

As we bask in the glow of another Cowboys victory, this time a beginning-to-end beating of the Cincinnati Bengals, there is the ever-present specter of what will happen in a couple of weeks at quarterback. It’s never far away from the conversation when discussing the Cowboys 2016 season. So once the game was finished, the question was asked of Jerry Jones, would Dak Prescott keep his job when Tony Romo is healthy?

“Tony is our No. 1 quarterback. We’re going to have the luxury of being able to, I think, see them both,” he said. “I don’t want to presume that Dak is going to be necessarily healthy, I don’t want to presume anything like that. But I welcome the opportunity of having Dak playing at this level and Tony back in excellent health. It’s going to be really special for the Cowboys.”

Dak Prescott has been a revelation as a rookie, a starter, as a winning quarterback. There is a lot of sentiment behind the idea you don’t remove a quarterback who is on a winning streak, especially one playing at a very high level. But Tony Romo has also proven that when he’s healthy he can also play this game at a very high level. This is not an easy decision to make, but it’s much better than the alternative of not having a quarterback at all.

There is still a question as to when Romo will be healthy. He’s going to have an MRI done on Monday, and Jones, ever the optimist, expects good news from that medical procedure. He went as far as to say that they expect this MRI to show that the bone in Romo’s back has fully healed. So, that would indicate a pretty speedy return, perhaps after the bye week? Not so fast, says Jones.

“I don’t think we could – and should – get ahead of ourselves and start looking at a spot,” he said. “If we can keep winning these ballgames and end up with an improved team as we move along, the arrow going up, then that would put us in good shape if you wanted to kind of look down the road like we’re doing here. But let’s get Green Bay.”

That wasn’t entirely clear. Could the Cowboys end up in a spot where Romo is healthy, but they slow roll his return as long as Dak is performing well. Make some excuses about conditioning, or being extra-cautious? Who knows how it will turn out, but the truth is, at least the Cowboys have this problem. A problem many other teams would kill for.

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