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Dak Prescott Comes Up Aces Again, Tony Romo To Be His Backup Next Week

The Cowboys quarterback situation is pretty much settled... for now.

Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

How much more can rookie Dak Prescott do in his rookie season? He not only brought the Cowboys back once against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night, but he did it twice. The Cowboys scored a touchdown with 1:55 left in the fourth quarter to go up 29-24. Most games, that would be enough to win. Not in this crazy contest. After the Steelers drove for a go-ahead touchdown with 42 second left, Dak needed to get the Cowboys in position to at least hit a Dan Bailey FG to win. They did more than that, as Prescott guided the team to a touchdown with the help of his running mate, Ezekiel Elliott.

Much like the game against the Eagles, when the stakes get higher, Prescott just seems to get better. It’s not that he was having a bad game against Pittsburgh, but whenever the team needs a little something to get them over the hump, Prescott provides. Sure, he’s got plenty of help. Ezekiel Elliott turned in what may be the finest game of his young professional career, and Dez Bryant, Jason Witten and the offensive line all played their parts.

Still, when the Cowboys took the field after giving up the late touchdown to the Steelers, down 30-29, I personally found myself thinking for a brief moment, I’d feel better if Tony Romo was about to lead this last-minute drive. Given all the clutch comebacks Romo has provided, and his complete mastery of the two-minute drill, it seemed like he was the best man for the job. Maybe that’s no longer the case. Prescott has now, in the past three weeks, put together scoring drives in the fourth quarter just when the Cowboys need it. We all can be forgiven if we forget that he’s still just a rookie. That news doesn’t seem to be relevant anymore.

There may still be debate down the road about whether Tony Romo should be the starter again, circumstances can always change. But on this night, Prescott further staked his claim to the starting quarterback job.

Next week, against the Ravens, Prescott will be the starter and Tony Romo will dress - as Prescott’s backup.

Guessing that no one would dispute that call at this point. For now, it’s got to be Prescott’s team. According to Jerry Jones, even Romo would agree.

Tony Romo has been nothing but class as a Cowboy. One can surmise he will continue to be so as the backup. At some point this season, he may have to come in and save the day, or even take back over. But for now, after what we saw in Pittsburgh, this is Dak Prescott’s team, until further notice.

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