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Jerry Jones Discusses How Tony Romo Will Handle Backup Quarterback Position

Tony Romo, the NFL’s best and most expensive backup quarterback.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

In all the discussion and debate over whether Tony Romo should get his job back as the starting quarterback, there has been one notable voice missing. That of Tony Romo. The Cowboys veteran signal-caller has remained silent during the craziness surrounding his status on the team, and has yet to speak about his current situation. No one could begrudge him that silence, this situation is a tricky one, and very unsettling for a competitor like Romo, who you know feels that he has a lot left to give to the game and to the Cowboys.

In that absence of voice, owner Jerry Jones has stepped in and tried to convey Romo’s state of mind. Ol’ Jones has been known to exaggerate or spin on occasion, so it’s hard to take what he says as the gospel when he’s speaking for someone else. But, his words are the closest thing we have at this time, so let’s see what he has to say.

Jones said Romo has been "wonderful about this," adding that the veteran was even recently "bragging on Dak."

"He said, 'Boy, he doesn't miss a trick and he looks at everything and he just soaks it up,'" said Jones, before sharing an example of Romo giving Prescott advice during practice. "The key thing is the benefit that Dak will get from watching as Tony take snaps in practice. That's as it should be. But the big thing I want to say is how much Tony is into helping Dak."

There is no reason not to believe this about Romo, a guy who has always been all class. It’s possible for him to hold two narratives in his mind; one, that he would like to be back as the starter, and two, that he needs to help Dak in anyway that he can. Romo wants this team to win and will do what he can to make that happen.

Jones also related this nugget from a while back that talked about finding a successor to Romo, and having Romo help.

Jones then pointed out that Romo will have "serious options" after his playing career because he "has the ability to be a great offensive coordinator."

"He has an eye and has an understanding about offensive football that's exceptional," Jones added. "As a matter of fact, two years ago, I sat down with him and I said, 'I really want you in the process as we really get into picking a quarterback for the future because I don't want you to leave your career without having the benefit of you helping us get this quarterback and getting him ready to go.'

"And, of course, his eyes just lit up and he said, 'Boy, I'm your man. And I think I can pick one as good as anybody.'"

The other thing that Jones touched on is that it’s still possible that the Cowboys will have to call on Romo before the year is out. Whether that’s for an injury or for poor play, it’s possible Romo returns, but for now he’s working hard to get himself ready, and to get Prescott ready each week.

At some point, we’re going to hear from Tony Romo. I’m sure he will discuss everything by walking the line between acknowledging the current situation and letting everyone know he still wants to play. This is only natural. But having a class act like Romo in the mix means the Cowboys won’t have a major distraction in the middle of this wondrous season. Romo will see to that.

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