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Jason Garrett Comments On Tony Romo’s Statement & His New Role As Backup QB

The head coach addressed the media today and discussed Tony Romo.

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Good ol’ Jason Garrett, it’s hard to get him to deviate from his process. He met with the media today, one day after Tony Romo dropped an emotional statement about his new role as the backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Everybody knew what the topic of conversation was going to be, and the assembled reporters peppered Garrett with questions about Romo. Try as they might to get Garrett involved in some long dissertations on Romo, in my humble estimation, I’d say the words most spoken by Garrett during the whole affair were - again, we’re focused on getting ready for the Ravens.

He did relent and discuss Romo some. He said he learned that Romo was going to give a statement yesterday and thought he he did a nice job with it. He also volunteered that the two had a good visit today to discuss his role and the focus he needed to have for the rest of the season. Focus was a big thing with Garrett in the press conference.

He also said Romo will be prepared to be backup quarterback, that he will be a positive influence on the team. He called Romo a fantastic person and a fantastic player and that the coaching staff and the rest of the team have great respect for him. Garrett conceded that this has been a very challenging time for Romo because of how much physically and mentally he’s given to the game, they see all that he does behind the scenes.

As for practice, Dak Prescott will get his normal reps but they have adjusted the practice schedule somewhat to give Romo an opportunity to get some plays in at the end of each period. He also said they have been clear and open with Romo about his role.

A question was asked about Prescott having to look over his shoulder; would the rookie quarterback be able to have a bad half or a bad game or two without having to worry about Romo taking over? Garrett wasn’t giving any specifics here, but he did say they don’t want any player looking over their shoulder and that Prescott has handled all the adversities that have come his way very well. In my reading of Garrett’s language and tone, it sounds like Prescott has at least a medium-sized leash if not a long one when it comes to keeping the job.

In other news, the Cowboys anticipate that Orlando Scandrick will practice today, that he was feeling much better after the game. Garrett side-stepped a question about him having a concussion, but if he was in the concussion protocol it would be unlikely he could practice this soon.

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