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Cowboys News: Why "Little Dakker" Will Lead Dallas To The Super Bowl

Latest Cowboys headlines: "Little Dakker's playing fantastic football."; no plans for Tony Romo not to be with Cowboys; J.J. Wilcox is a hard hitter.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Roger Staubach: Behind ‘fantastic’ Dak Prescott, Cowboys ‘obviously’ going to Super Bowl - Jori Epstein, Dallas Morning News

There are many things to admire about Roger Staubach, including the fact that he speaks what is on his mind. Right now the former quarterback in Dallas thinks Presott, or "little Dakker" as he calls him, is doing a pretty darned good job.

"Little Dakker's playing fantastic football," Staubach said.

"I am a big Cowboys fan, and we are obviously going to the Super Bowl this year. I'm not sure who we're going to play yet ... but it is fun watching the Cowboys. It's a fun season."

Staubach also spoke to Prescott's poise.

"He makes good decisions, he makes quick decisions, he's just composed," Staubach said. "You've got to transfer your confidence to your teammates to be a successful quarterback because it's a team game - and he can do that. Tony did that too. They're both really good quarterbacks."

Now about this Super Bowl thing, Roger....

City or country? How the Cowboys defense approaches recovering fumbles - Kate Hairopoulos, Dallas Morning News

The Byron Jones ‘almost’ fumble recovery against the Pittsburgh Steelers has focused some attention on the philosophy that the Dallas Cowboys use regarding how to approach loose ball situations. Depending on the situation, Rod Marinelli teaches different lines of thought. There is also little doubt that the individual’s own ball handling tendencies might impact the decision on how the approach is made. You don’t want to make a game changing fumble recovery and give the rock back to the other side with an ill-timed fumble seconds later.

Kate Hairopoulos gives us a more in-depth look at the philosophy (and terminology) that Marinelli uses with his charges.

When it comes to how the Dallas Cowboys defense approaches recovering fumbles, it is generally guided by this distinction.

Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli has been using the terminology so long, he doesn't remember exactly where it came from. If the ball is loose and there's open space around it, a player is supposed to scoop up the ball and run and -- ideally -- score. That's country.

If the ball is loose in a crowd, the player should jump on it and worry only about recovery. That's city. If there's any doubt, Marinelli said, it's a city fumble.

J.J. Wilcox’s hard hits setting a tone for the Cowboys defense - Charean Williams, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

When Barry Church went down, J. J. Wilcox was the next man up, and the Dallas Defense has not missed a beat. In fact, Wilcox is setting a tone for unit, and that tone is a physical demeanor. Wilcox may not be the next Jack Tatum or John Lynch, but he has brought the same punishing attitude to the field. He plays with the attitude that all 100 yards of the field belong to him and he is going to take vengeance on anyone who dares trespass on his green turf.

“You see the hits he’s been laying on people. It’s really the identity of the defense, what he does when he comes down and makes tackles. He’s been a great asset for us thus far.” - Byron Jones

Jerry On Rolando McClain: ‘He Wants To Play, But …’ - Mike Fisher, CBS DFW

“Rolando is really somebody who helped us when he was here, but I really don’t want to get into when or if he might be joining us.’’ - Jerry Jones

We have discussed team chemistry regarding the quarterback situation, but the more drastic change would come from bringing back McClain, the player who seemingly has no interest in playing football or being around his teammates, back into the fold.

Byron Jones has found a home at safety but is the emergency CB - Charean Williams, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Byron Jones has been able to settle in as the Dallas free safety this season. After moving around the secondary because of injuries, the Cowboys former first round draft pick has been able to focus on just one role throughout the entire 2016 campaign, but after seeing what happened when Orlando Scandrick went down against the Steelers the team is once again prepping for the possibility of Jones filling multiple roles.

“I haven’t played much corner this year yet, but once I get some reps under my belt I think I’ll be just fine. - Byron Jones

Jerry Jones says he has no plans for Tony Romo not to be with Cowboys - Todd Archer, ESPN

While some may have taken Tony Romo’s announcement as the coronation of Dak Prescott as the Dallas quarterback, the Cowboy-in-Chief does not see things this way. Jerry Jones stands by his belief that Romo still has a future with the franchise and he strongly confirmed his intention for the quarterback to be a big fctor in the team’s plans for 2017

"It's not a goodbye. I think Tony has got five years left of really competing for a Super Bowl. I believe Tony will be the quarterback on a Super Bowl team. I believe that strongly. We're talking generic now, and I have no plans for him not to be part of the Dallas Cowboys. Not a consideration." - Jerry Jones

LaDainian Tomlinson: I love how Ezekiel Elliott's mindset is to 'deliver punishment;' where RB has to improve - SportsDay DFW Staff, Dallas Morning News

The former TCU Horned Frog and NFL running back recently gave his opinions on the Cowboys rookie and other football related matters in a segment broadcast on The Midday Show with Will Chambers and Jean-Jacques Taylor on 103.3 ESPN Dallas

That's his mindset. I love it. It may not happen in the first quarter or the second quarter, but the guy he keeps coming at you. And behind that offensive line who has the same mindset of, 'We're gonna punish you;' they love run blocking. They relish run blocking, for one. That combination, the mindset that that group has and the mindset that the runner has; man it can be dangerous for a long, long time. It is fun to watch because I love the mindset that Zeke plays with.

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