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Let’s Get Hyped: Some Incredible Numbers About The Cowboys’ Offense

With Dak, Zeke, and that powerhouse O line, Dallas is putting up some epic stats. You should be pumped up.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Dallas Cowboys
Together, these two are phenomenal.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s take a break from the discussions of whether Tony Romo helped or hurt with his statement, who really should be the starting quarterback, and if the weak schedule played so far has made the 8-1 start for the Dallas Cowboys a bit of a mirage. Instead, let’s focus on the fact that this team has already done some phenomenal things. And not just good this year. We are talking all-time numbers.

So let’s take a moment and get pumped up about what has happened so far, and the promise it holds for the rest of the season with a compilation of notable facts and figures about the 2016 Cowboys.

This is a great bit of info because it is not about who is responsible, but just the results. This Cowboys team is just incredibly efficient when it has the ball. And while we are looking at Mr. Bussel’s numbers, here are more.

Goes hand in hand with the first list, but also shows how Dallas stays out of trouble on offense.

Just wanted to include this, because that next to last team is coming to AT&T Stadium on Sunday. Just sayin’.

You can’t talk about this season without acknowledging how Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott, the two super-rookies, have taken the league by storm.

Look at the names Zeke is being compared to in those last two.

And Dak is in some pretty good company, too.

And don’t forget the immortal Dieter Brock (no, I have no clue who that is).

A reminder of how it all works together. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and those are some danged fine parts to begin with.

Mind blowing stats: Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott

This is a compilation of ten numbers in a photo essay. All of them are good. VERY good.

There are still seven games to play (at least), and the Cowboys will have to continue to perform well if they are to take things deep into the playoffs this season, but the numbers and accomplishments so far, particularly for the two stud rookies, are simply incredible. So take a moment to enjoy where the team is, and how different things are this year after the misery of 2015. It has been a fantastic ride so far, and hopefully, it is far from over.

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