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Sources: Tony Romo “Eyeing” Broncos, Rolando McClain Suspended Another Year

Because one Cowboys news article isn’t enough, we have two this morning.

Dallas Cowboys v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

We thought we got all the news out in this morning’s Cowboys News article, but stuff just keeps popping up, so consider this a part two.

Ian Rapoport has an article up on the Tony Romo situation, and if his sources are correct, it basically lays out the present and future for Tony Romo and the Cowboys. I’m borrowing pretty liberally from his article, so give them a click and visit , it’s a good read.

As for the present, his sources claim that Dak Prescott is on a long leash.

Prescott's leash will be a long one. This is not a tryout or a game-by-game proposition for the Cowboys. Dak is the future, he's earned the job as Romo mentioned, and he's the starter. Based on my understanding, he'll be treated like any other starter. Moving forward it's his job, barring a meltdown that no one expects or, say, a miserable four-game losing streak. Romo is simply waiting.

In addition, Romo is already starting to think about the future - on a different team. Jerry Jones might say all he wants that Romo and Prescott could both be on the team next year, but reality says that is very unlikely. Apparently Romo agrees if Rapoport’s sources are on the money.

Romo, I'm told, already has eyes on the Broncos as a possible destination if general manager John Elway decides Paxton Lynch needs another year and that Trevor Siemianisn't the guy. Other options, depending on a variety of factors, include the Bears, Jets, Cardinals, and Bills. When the Cowboys do trade him, they'll still have to deal with about a $20 million salary-cap hit. Romo will have significant say in the matter given that he will need to renegotiate his deal. He, essentially, could veto any move.

Also, Jason Witten says that Romo probably won’t retire.

Romo's friend and long-time confidant Jason Witten said he doesn't believe Romo will retire after this season. I'm told this actually is a consideration. Romo could retire a member of the Cowboys this year, it's one of the options depending on how the year plays out and how his body feels going forward. Romo does feel he's in better shape now than he's been in a while. If Romo retires, expect him to stay within the Cowboys' organization. He's very close to the Joneses, watching Jerry's grandson play football and he's traveled to at least one game on Jerry's private plane.

In other news, much like Randy Gregory, there are now reports that Cowboys linebacker Rolando McClain is suspended for another year.

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Rolando McClain is being suspended for another year, on top of the 10-game suspension he's currently serving that is scheduled to end Monday, and there are doubts he will get to play again in the NFL after recently missing another drug test, NFL sources told ESPN.

ESPN is also reporting that McClain will likely appeal the suspension.

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