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Dez Bryant Calls Josh Norman Soft, Dak Prescott Talks About Running The Ball

The Cowboys win again, and opponents are talking again.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, when the Dallas Cowboys beat the Baltimore Ravens, their was a little bit of sour grapes from the Ravens as some players said they thought they should have won. They were also doing a little mocking of Dez Bryant and Ezekiel Elliott during the game. This week, there was a little bit of mocking of Ezekiel Elliott, but there was a huge battle going on between Dez Bryant and Washington corner Josh Norman. The talk was flowing.

After the game, once Dez caught five passes for 72 yards, including a couple of crucial ones in the fourth quarter to help set up some touchdowns, he had some comments about Norman. He called him soft and said he basically holds all game long.


Dak Prescott talked about multiple aspects of the game and his team. Prescott ran the ball more than usual in this game, ending up with 39 yards on eight carries and a touchdown. He said that there was no plan for that, and that his touchdown run was really supposed to be a pass play, but when he sees things he just runs it. He also discussed how the Cowboys have big expectations, they focus on each and every play and how his teammates, especially the veterans, help lead the way.


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