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Cowboys News: Offense Devastatingly Efficient In Win Over Redskins

Latest Cowboys headlines: Team continues to find ways to win; Cowboys bringing fun back to Dallas; Ezekiel Elliott is killing it.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys devastatingly methodical, critically efficient and very special - David Moore, Dallas Morning News

That sounds like exactly what Jason Garrett has been talking about since the moment he took over as the interim head coach in Dallas. It has taken a long time, much longer than many had hoped, but the Dallas Cowboys have fully assumed the vision that their head coach wanted. They are a team that can and will do whatever is needed at the moment.

"At different times in critical moments, our offense responded. Some of those drives had critical third downs within them, where Dak made a throw or Dak made a play with his feet or one of the other guys came up with something big to keep the drive alive.

"Again and again and again in this game and really throughout the year, that's been the case. We needed those drives. The guys came through.'' - Jason Garrett

Eatman: After Surviving ’Skins, These Cowboys Bringing Fun Back to Dallas - Nick Eatman,

Not that you would not have guessed, but winning is fun and when you are riding a ten game winning streak it is amazing for everyone, fans, the front office, but most of all for the players. They lay it all on the line week in and week out. After what the team suffered through last season, the 10-1 record has everyone in the locker room pumped.

Let’s be honest here – who isn’t having fun with this team? All right, Kirk Cousins, you can put your hand down. We get it that the opponents aren’t too happy watching this Cowboys team, especially when they’ve taken the “L” twice now this year.

Redskins safety: Cowboys, Dak Prescott's flawless game 'frustrating' - Jori Epstein, Dallas Morning News

The way that Dak Prescott and the Cowboys are playing offense right now can have a psychological impact on opposing defenses. They do not give the other team a lot of opportunities to take advantage of mistakes. With a rookie quarterback at the helm that is unusual, but with the talent around Dak Prescott, Scott Linehan is able to be explosive and conservative at the same time. Opposing defenses used to eating rookies for lunch find it frustrating when the Cowboys don’t give them an opportunity to feast on the young passer.

No sacks, no turnovers, but Cowboys stick to magical script - Gil Lebreton, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Just wait, the national media smirked.

Just wait until the Dallas Cowboys play a real football team.

Wait until, say, Thanksgiving Day, they said, when America’s Heroes, version 3.0, would have to face a Washington passing attack that would expose the Cowboys’ defense for the turkeys that they are.

Yeah, there were some impressive numbers put up by Kirk Cousins and the Redskins offense, but Dallas is doing what is has to do to keep winning football games. That changes week after week, but Jason Garrett’s squad is flexible. They adapt, improvise and overcome.

The Mantra will continue, but so far so has the magic.

Ezekiel Elliott running through pages of Cowboys’ record book - Matthew Martinez, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

When I first saw Zeke carry the ball as Carlos Hyde’s back up in Columbus, I knew he was special and was also sure that he would never find his way to the Cowboys. Being wrong has never felt better, but I had no idea that he would have a rookie year like this. Elliott is threatening to set a new standard for running backs coming into the league, and there is no end in sight.

Ezekiel Elliott’s 97 rushing yards against the Washington Redskins on Thursday made it nine games in a row of 90-plus yards rushing for the rookie, all of them during the Cowboys’ team record 10-game regular-season win streak.

Elliott has gained 100 or more total yards in eight of those 10 wins, including against Washington, as he added two catches for 23 yards, to put him at 120 total yards to go along with two scores.

Good feelings gone as Bryant, Norman feud after Cowboys' win - Shuyler Dixon, Associated Press.

Two incredibly talented players, two men who have the gift of gab, and one head-to-head match up. That is all it took for any goodwill between the two athletes to disappear.

"Tell Washington to get their money back," Bryant yelled at reporters on his way into the locker room before repeating it prior to the first question in his postgame interview.

After the game, the players were facemask-to-facemask for several seconds before Bryant's teammates stepped in. Bryant grabbed Norman's facemask and Norman swung in his direction and threw a towel at Bryant as he was being pulled away.

"That guy is soft man," said Bryant, who had a team-high 72 yards on five catches. "He is really soft. He's supposed to be a lockdown corner but you can't even play man-to-man."

Personally I think Mr. Bryant’s suggestion was a good one. Dan Snyder should ask for a refund on his investment in the former Carolina corner, but as long a Dez owns him I hope they don’t.

VIDEO: Jason Witten: "You Have To Appreciate What's Taking Place” -

The Senator has been on some decent teams, and a few that were not so decent. Perhaps nobody on the Dallas squad has more appreciation for what is taking place this season. Witten shares his veteran perspective of what it means to him to be a part of this team in this video interview.

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