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Cowboys Playoffs Scenarios: Cowboys Can Clinch Playoff Spot This Weekend

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Believe it or not.

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

If you can believe it, the Dallas Cowboys can clinch a playoff spot by the end of this weekend. All it takes is a Cowboys win on Thursday night against the Minnesota Vikings, and then a loss by one of two other teams. We are only in Week 13 of the season and the Cowboys have a potential playoff-clinching scenario. That just goes to show how well this year is going for Big D.

The Cowboys can clinch with a win over the Vikings, and either a loss or tie by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, or a loss by Washington. Tampa Bay is a team surging to make the playoffs, this week they travel across the country for a late Sunday game against the San Diego Chargers. Tampa Bay has won three straight games and are looking to run down the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC South.

Washington is also headed across country for a late Sunday game with the Arizona Cardinals. Washington is holding on to the sixth-seed Wild Card spot in the NFC while the Cardinals have fallen off the pace and could end up outside looking in.