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Jason Garrett Sends A Message With The Lucky Whitehead Suspension

The Cowboys will be without Lucky Whitehead Sunday night, but is there a silver lining in his absence?

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

The Cowboys will be without the services of Lucky Whitehead as he didn’t make the trip to New York. He will be suspended for Sunday night’s matchup with the Giants for missing a team meeting Saturday morning. My good pal, RJ Ochoa, stated that Whitehead is having himself a Kevin McCallister moment.

Rules are rules and Lucky didn’t follow them. While Whitehead is one of the more fun-loving personalities on this roster, he is not above the law. Not in the Jason Garrett system. This provides a perfect opportunity to send a message. You see, the Cowboys are in the midst of doing something special. They can win a Super Bowl this year. That’s right. If this team remains focused, fights hard, stays healthy, and executes like they’re capable of, the end result could involve a lot of confetti dropping on our beloved Cowboys players in February.

It’s certainly possible. I believe it. You believe. And the latest Vegas odds makers believe it too as they have the Cowboys as one of the favorites to win it all this season.

But for this to come to fruition the team has to stay committed to the task. If you listen to Jason Garrett pressers you’ll get a heavy dose of the same thing day in and day out. Things like “we’re just focused on today” is a regular fixture from Coach Garrett. It’s not by accident that each week the team is able to get it together and overcome adversity and string together more good football than their opponent. It’s not by accident that they get contributions up and down the roster. It’s not by accident that each player interviews the same way, praising their teammates, respecting their opponent, and never falling for any questions that extend beyond the task at hand.

Garrett has his troops focused. So when one of their players misses a meeting, that’s a big deal. Lucky Whitehead has a role on this team and his contributions will be missed. Granted, he’s not one of the really really important players whose absence would be more noticeable. Lance Dunbar can return kicks. Cole Beasley can return punts. And even recently converted halfback Vince Mayle knows his way around the wide receiver position should the Cowboys need another receiver. Who knows, this may open the door for rookie Darius Jackson to be activated and make his career debut.

Being without Whitehead isn’t a big deal, but what this can be is an opportunity for Garrett to send a message to the team that everyone needs to be totally devoted to the team, and do their job the right way.

Lucky’s a great guy. We all love him because he strolls into work on roller skates and keeps us entertained on Instagram. But more importantly, we love him because he returns kicks and makes good use out of those jet sweeps. Lovable or not, he’s got to keep his head where it needs to be. The Cowboys have something good going here and they don’t need any big bumps in the road. This is just a small bump and it is being squashed.

Take pleasure in the makeup of this team. It’s a great group. If you ever want to take your enthusiasm to the next level just listen to one of the players do an interview. It just makes you feel good. Check out what a good teammate Kyle Wilber is.

If you ever have any doubt why a player like Wilber is on the team, it’s because he approaches the game the right way and players like that max out their potential to make good football plays. So it shouldn’t be that surprising that he made the game stealing play against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 13. And that is what everyone on the roster needs to be doing.

The Team. The Team. The Team.

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