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Cowboys News: Why Dak Prescott Remains The Guy In Dallas

Although the Cowboys lost their second game of the season, nobody is running to hide from the tasks at hand. This team still has lofty goals to complete.

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Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett makes it clear Dak Prescott is the guy - Todd Archer, ESPN
After Sunday's 10-7 loss to the Giants, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said at no point did he contemplate pulling Dak Prescott in favor of Tony Romo.

"You can make it as simple or as complex as you want to make it," Garrett said. "It's pretty simple for us: Dak's going to play quarterback as we go forward."

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett says Dak Prescott on firm ground: 'Dak is going to play quarterback as we go forward' - David Moore, SportsDay
Dak Prescott's performance, his psyche and the Pro Bowl presence of veteran Tony Romo behind him have become talking points in the wake of the Cowboys second loss of the season.

"We're just focused on Dak playing quarterback for us,'' Garrett said. "We'll continue to do that in our preparation this week and as we go forward. He's done a really good job for us up to this point.

This Cowboys season belongs to Dak Prescott, one way or another - Tim Cowlishaw, SportsDay
If the Cowboys are as special as an 11-game winning streak suggests, then Sunday's loss to the Giants can only be beneficial.

Short-term: If Dak is struggling in a game as he did Sunday, could Romo come in and move the offense with more authority? Answer is yes, he could, which is not the same as yes, he would. It's conceivable Romo could shed his headset and fire the ball to Dez Bryant (Dez would have to catch it, another story) and good things could happen.

Reality Hits Hard For Dak Prescott, Cowboys; But Reality Is What They Needed - Dawn Macelli, Blogging The Boys
The Cowboys finally lost again, but it is what they do next that truly matters.

The Dallas Cowboys have been given an opportunity to learn. Mistakes were made against the New York Giants. Just as the squad took what they learned from the opening-night loss against the same opponent and was able to reel off eleven straight victories, so must they draw from the bitter second lesson and figure out how to complete the task at hand.

As Dak Prescott struggles again, he’s cracked the door for Romo - Gil Lebreton, The Star-Telegram
For the second game in a row, the Dallas Cowboys offense struggled, this time resulting in 10-7 loss to the New York Giants. Dak Prescott’s play at quarterback has likely reopened the question of using Tony Romo if it happens again.

"We were very inconsistent with the offense," Jones said. "But we had that against Minnesota as well. In both cases, I think their defenses were capable of creating inconsistency in what we’re doing, so that’s what we need to work on. These last two ball games were a good little road map with what we have to do with our offense to get ready to play teams like that in the playoffs."


Division Title, First-Round Bye Still Obtainable This Weekend; But With Help - Nick Eatman, Dallas Cowboys
Despite the loss to the Giants, both scenarios are still very possible for the Cowboys, who still hold a two-game lead in the division standings. But they will need some help this weekend in order to clinch one of those two situations.

No longer does a victory alone secure the division or a bye. The Cowboys would need to beat the red-hot Bucs Sunday night to get to 12-2, and then need a loss by the Giants, who host the Lions. If the Giants defeat Detroit and get to 10-4, they would mathematically remain alive even if the Cowboys win. With two games to play, they would need to win both games and have Dallas lose both, to create a 12-4 tie, in which New York would win the division based on the head-to-head sweep.

2016 NFC Playoff Picture: Cowboys Still Control Destiny With Two-Game Lead Atop NFC - OCC, Blogging The Boys
Lots of ways the playoff race could play out over the last three games, but the Cowboys still control their own destiny.

Despite Sunday's loss, the Cowboys are still sitting atop the NFC East playoff rankings with a two-win lead over the other division leaders, and a two-win lead in the NFC East. A lot can still happen over the remaining thrree games, but for the Cowboys to lose their spot as the No. 1 seed, a lot would have to happen.


Darren McFadden set to get call-up to Dallas Cowboys roster - Todd Archer, ESPN
Darren McFadden, who suffered a broken elbow in the spring in a non-practice accident, could be used as a kickoff returner.

The Cowboys had a three-week window to practice McFadden and Smith while they were on the non-football injury list, which ended last Friday and a decision is needed by Tuesday. McFadden was able to practice but Smith did not because of a serious knee injury he suffered last January while at Notre Dame.

Despite Sunday’s Loss, CowboysNation More Fired Up Than Ever - Erika Fox, Dallas Cowboys
The loss didn’t deter Cowboys fans from recognizing the impressiveness of the 11 straight wins that preceded only the second loss of the season.

The Cowboys lost for the first time since Sept. 11 Sunday night to the same team that handed them their first loss, the New York Giants. The 10-7 loss wasn’t the most glamorous game to watch. However, this Sunday Night Football matchup between two old rivals was the highest rated Sunday night game in three years.

Jason Garrett says rookie linebacker Jaylon Smith going on reserve non-football injury list - Clarence Hill, The Star-Telegram
A dream hatched only the mind of owner Jerry Jones has finally been shattered by the long-known reality of linebacker Jaylon Smith’s injured knee.

"He unequivocally is going to be an outstanding defensive player for us, maybe a cornerstone player for us. So we're way ahead of the game as far as acquiring talent for the future, with him alone."

Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott on bench with game on line -- why? - Jarrett Bell, USA Today

With the game on the line, the Cowboys kept their star RB on the sidelines.

"Lance Dunbar has been in some of those two-minute situations for us and that’s been a role that he’s played," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett explained. "Zeke has done that as well, but we just felt that Lance, in those situations was pretty good so we gave him those opportunities."

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