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Jerry Jones Cracks The Door On Playing Tony Romo Sometime This Season

The Cowboys owner probably just made Jason Garrett mad.

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Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys have been in an offensive slump the past two games. Sunday night’s loss to the New York Giants was particularly tough on Prescott, he had the poorest outing of his rookie season. With a capable and veteran quarterback like Tony Romo as the backup, that brought up the inevitable calls for a possible change. Jason Garrett was having none of that. Unfortunately for him, his talkative and candid owner undercut that stance somewhat.

Jerry Jones went on the radio this morning, and instead of echoing his head coach’s stance that Dak was the quarterback and that was their focus, he cracked open the door of change.

Similarly, owner Jerry Jones said it would become another no-brainer decision should the team opt to go to Romo instead of Prescott down the stretch run.

Prescott is coming off his worst game of the season against the New York Giants on Sunday, and has not passed for more than 200 yards in the past three games. But that has yet to become a “definitive situation,” as Jones put it after Sunday’s loss, which would necessitate a change.

“I don’t have a definition for it, but you’ll know it when you see it,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday. “It’s kind of like a definition I heard one time of another issue, trying to define a negative topic. They said, ‘I don’t know how to say it, but it’s just something that when you see it, you know it’s there.’ We’ll see it.”

Jason Garrett has spent much of the time since the Giants’ loss explaining that Dak Prescott would be the Cowboys starting quarterback, and that they were not thinking about any changes or other scenarios. Even Jerry Jones kind of said the same thing after the game. But now, as Jerry sometimes does, he undermines the firm wall of resolve that the Cowboys front office puts up.

Jones added a little more.

But is there a scenario Jones envisions that would allow Romo to get back under center?

"I really don't want to get into the scenario, it goes too far in talking about what we don't want to talk about," Jones said. "Given the need for [Romo], we want him ready on the spur of the moment to be a part of any effort we make -- to be trite -- to win the ball game.

"It would be when we all probably thought it was time for him to come in and play. I don't want to give you those circumstances because I don't like either one of the discussions."

The Cowboys are going to start Prescott this week versus the Tampa Bay Bucs. That much is certain. In Jason Garrett’s mind it seems certain that Prescott will finish that game and will continue to play as the season progresses. To Jerry Jones, though, there seems to be some grey area.

Here’s to Prescott erasing all doubts by demolishing Tampa Bay on Sunday night.

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