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Cowboys vs. Buccaneers: Injury Updates On DeMarcus Lawrence, Morris Claiborne & More

Jason Garrett gave some updates on the status of the roster in a press conference.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Garrett addressed the press today and spoke mainly about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, how they are an improved ball club and present a serious challenge for Sunday. But he also gave updates on the state of the Cowboys roster.

The Cowboys made a roster move as they activated Darren McFadden, putting him on the 53-man roster. They had to release a player and that guy was running back Darius Jackson. Garrett implied that they want Jackson back on the practice squad by saying we’ll see what happens with him over the next few hours, meaning they are hoping no other team claims him so he can go on the practice squad. As for McFadden’s role going forward, Jerry Jones had this to say.

“I don’t know that with Zeke getting the carries that he’s getting that you’ll see rotation,” Jones said. “[McFadden] certainly can be a receiver. He certainly gives you the edge. He arguably has the burst that the others probably wish they had in terms of outside. And of course he was as good of a special teams player as college has seen. And he’s a huge physical player out there, makes tremendous blocks.”

Garrett also updated the status of the injured players. Dallas expects Chaz Green to return to practice today. That was the good news. On the down side of things, DeMarcus Lawrence isn’t expected to practice today and he was very limited in his play on Sunday. Garrett stated that he had so few snaps because they were saving him for specific pass rush scenarios, basically they wanted to avoid having him play the run and the stress that causes to his back injury.

The Cowboys will also be without J.J. Wilcox today, he has yet to recover sufficiently from his thigh injury. Garrett also stated that Morris Claiborne wouldn’t practice (as expected), but he did say that he continues to make progress and one of the reporters mentioned he will be going in for another MRI to assess where he is as of now. The hope is he can return before the regular-season is out.

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