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Cowboys News: Dak Prescott "Bounced Back Well" in Practice After Bad Outing

Latest Cowboys headlines: Prescott is the "unequivocal" starter; no word on Randy Gregory yet; people just need something to write about.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Scott Linehan: Dak Prescott has 'bounced back well' in practice - Todd Archer, ESPN

Offensive coordinator Scott Linehan likes how Dak Prescott has bounced back in practice ins response to last week's dismal outing, and Jason Witten concurs.

Witten anticipates Prescott rebounding Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“Any time you lose, people on the outside seem to point out blame at that position. We all have to be better. If you look at that offensive performance we all understand that. He is not a rookie anymore. A lot of that is for people at the barbershop to talk about. For him, he comes back to work and continues to try to get better. He works hard. He is good communicating. He has had two good days.”

Jerry Jones: Dak Prescott is Cowboys starting QB. Unequivocally. - Drew Davison, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

The Dallas Cowboys owner is known for saying whatever comes to mind, and often times in a manner that creates controversy. His comments on the quarterback situation have done just that. As is normal around the Cowboys, attempts at clarification soon followed Jerry’s most recent statements and this time it is quite clear that while the boss has nothing but praise for Tony Romo, this is still Dak Presscott’s ball club.

“We completely support Dak as our starting quarterback. Unequivocally. That’s that,” Jones said. “There is no issue there at all. It’s very fortunate that we have depth there. And you certainly got depth in a big way when you got Tony Romo sitting there. That is not trying to be cute. It’s absolutely in our best interest that Dak, who is absolutely playing at a level for a rookie that has probably never been seen.

“We want him to be able to use that and to some degree of it to help us go all the way to the Super Bowl.”

Cowboys Still Waiting For Word On Randy Gregory's Availability - David Helman,

It seems like forever since we have seen Randy Gregory in uniform, and he should be coming off his suspension for the final tow games of the season. Why then are we seeing statements like this from the Cowboys:

“We’ll see how it goes. I don’t want to get ahead of things, but we’re certainly in communication with the league.” Again, due to his status, I can’t get into any kind of detail about that, but we are in communication with the league. We’ll be seeing how that goes as we get toward next week.”

It does make one wonder just what might lie ahead for the player who has failed multiple drug tests in short order.

Witten closing in on more milestones, could pass Owens Sunday Clarence E Hill, Jr., Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

We do know what lies ahead for Jason Witten. Next up is a shot to pass Terrell Owens for seventh place on the NFL’s all time receptions list.

With three catches against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday, the 13-year veteran would pass former Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens for seventh on the NFL’s all-time receptions list. Owens is at 1,078 while Witten is at 1,076.

He is already the Cowboys all-time leading receiver but needs 111 yards to pass Hall of Famer Michael Irvin (11,904) for the most receiving yards in franchise history.

Bucs Could Look To Siliga Against Run - Zack Shapiro, Pewter Report

Tampa Bay defensive coordinator Mike Smith is faced with coming up with a strategy for stopping Ezekiel Elliott.

Dallas, which has one of the NFL’s elite offensive lines, often brings in extra down-linemen in place of tight ends to block for star running back Ezekiel Elliot. As such, the Bucs could look to counter that strategy with an extra run-stopperand at 6-foot-2, 345-pounds, Sealver Siliga would seem to fit the bill.

Siliga, who the Bucs claimed off waivers on November 16, has recorded just three tackles in four games with Tampa Bay. But the former practice squad journeyman has picked up the defense and impressed teammates and coaches in practice.

Gerald McCoy: Cowboys getting too much criticism after loss; 'They're still the same team' - Jon Machota, Dallas Morning News

It seems strange when you have to turn to your upcoming foe to get a voice of reason, but with some in a panic mode over the Cowboys record standing at only 11-2, that is what we find happening.

McCoy went in on those who have criticized Prescott and the Cowboys after their first loss in 12 games.

"People are making such a big deal over two games or one game, whatever," he said. "They said over the past two games the Cowboys are struggling. I think people just need something to write about. They lost one game in that span. One. What are they, 11-2? That's they record? Golly, man. You lose one game and now you're not the same team no more? So what. I hope people are not basing predictions or what's going to happen off them having 'struggles.'

"They're still the same team. They're still the dominant team they've been. If people think they're going to come in Sunday and not be the same team then they got another thing coming. We know it. That's what we're preparing for. A big part of that is Dak. He's having a big year, so we got to prepare for him."

That voice of reason is a four time Pro Bowl defensive lineman who knows that he is going to have his hands full against the Cowboys this weekend. He also went on to add some kind words for the men who will be blocking against him on Sunday.

"It's clear who they are on film. Very dominant group. Probably the most dominant group. They've been that way for the past three years. This is going to be a tough one for us, but it's going to be fun. I love playing against the best and competing against the best. That's why you work to get to the NFL.”

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