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Revenge Game: Who Do You Want The Cowboys To Meet In The Playoffs?

If you are going to be the best you got to beat the best. Which opponent would be extra satisfying to beat in the playoffs?

Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

One of the luxuries of clinching the playoffs so early is that it affords the fans the opportunity to play around with different playoff scenarios. Many of us look ahead and try to piece together the easiest path to the Super Bowl. The Cowboys are just inches away from locking up the number one seed and home field throughout the playoffs. With it comes a divisional matchup with the lowest seed remaining. That means that Dallas should have a favorable matchup in the Divisional round which also means the chances of seeing them in the NFC Championship game is a strong possibility. And if that happens, a month from now, the Cowboys could be just one win away from playing in the biggest game of the year.

Admit it, it’s crossed your mind a time or two.

But while mapping out a smooth path to the Super Bowl is a desirable thought, the other side of the coin features those who are looking for a little payback. They are not looking for easy, they are looking for a fight. Which teams would you like see have a date with the Cowboys in January? We’ll use some of the best revenge movies to help identify these battles of retribution.

Gangs Of New York

It might not seem like the best idea to be calling for the only team that has beaten the Cowboys this season, but nothing would be more satisfying that to get another shot at this divisional adversary. The Giants are riding hot right now as they have won eight of their last nine games. It’s not easy to beat a team twice in a season, but it’s even harder to beat them three times. In 2007, the Cowboys were on the right side of a season sweep of the Giants, but couldn’t pull off the hat trick in the Divisional round of the playoffs. The Giants would go on to win the Super Bowl and the legend of Eli Manning would begin. It was quite unpleasant.

But as awful as it was in 2007, the Cowboys could return the favor this year if they beat the Giants in the playoffs. Do we really want to listen to Giants fans talk about how they got the better of us the entire offseason? I for one, do not.


In 2014, the Cowboys playoffs hopes and aspirations slipped through Dez Bryant’s fingers. A referee’s announcement that the call on the field would be overturned took away any chance for the Cowboys to finish the fight. Fans felt robbed.

Sure, it was very satisfying to beat the Packers in Lambeau in Week 6, especially in the manner in which they did. It was a complete shellacking and started a skid for Green Bay that would include losing five of six games. By late November, they had a 4-6 record and dropped off the playoff radar.

Well, they’re back now. After winning their last four games, including a beat down of the Seattle Seahawks, they have fought their way back into the playoff picture. In fact, they currently hold the sixth and final spot in the NFC. The Packers still can jump the Detroit Lions and win the NFC North which would mean they’d host a Wild Card game.

After the heartbreaking loss against Green Bay a couple years ago, it would be especially gratifying to bounce them from the post season. While Aaron Rodgers is starting to heat up, this isn’t the same Cowboys team they faced a couple years. They may not be as experienced as these Packers, but what they do have is a particular set a skills that make them a nightmare for a team like Green Bay.


The Cowboys host the Lions on Monday Night, which will be the first meeting these two teams have had since their nail-biting game in the playoffs a couple years ago. While the Dez no-catch resonates largely with Cowboys fans, many Lions fans are quick to remind us that the Cowboys shouldn’t have even been in that game to begin with. The controversial pass interference/no-pass interference call has left a bitter taste in the mouths of Detroit fans and they have not forgiven the refs for picking up the flag. They may have not deserved to go out like that, but deserve’s got nothing to do with it.

Facing them again and laying down the hurt would be a nice way to distance ourselves from any thought that they were the better team.

Kill Bill

If you could write the perfect script to the Cowboys winning their sixth Super Bowl, it would include defeating Bill Belichick’s Patriots team. For years, they’ve been the team that has reigned supreme over the NFL. At the same time, they’re the one team that has garnered quite a bit of hate over the years. Some of it is out of respect as they’ve just beaten so many teams, but some of it is attributed to their ongoing ways to skate around the rules.

Haters are going to hate, but it would be fun to gain some extra support in the Super Bowl due to the fact that so many people love seeing the Patriots lose. Plus, New England has had the Cowboys number since the turn of the century. These teams have met a total of 12 times, with Dallas winning the first seven, only to have the Patriots win the last five. The Cowboys have never beaten Bill Belichick or Tom Brady and it would be a great to change that and get a new win streak going.

What better way to pass the torch from one dynasty to……another?

Lucky Number Slevin

The Steelers are the team of the ‘70s, blah bah – we hate them. Dallas has met Pittsburgh three times in the Super Bowl, with the Steelers winning two of those meetings. The Cowboys could even the score if they beat them in the Super Bowl. When these teams met in Week 10, it was one of the most exhilarating games of the year and could set the stage for another epic battle. Dallas could tie Pittsburgh with six Super Bowl wins whereas the Steelers would be going for lucky number seven. The Cowboys can’t let that happen.

The Steelers vs. the Cowboys in the Super Bowl? Think of the ratings. You’re welcome FOX.

There are some healthy choices to pick from, but which team would you love the most to see the Cowboys face in the playoffs?

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