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NFL Week 14: Start & Sit Fantasy Football Advice That You Need To Win

Here are your starts and sits for Week 14 of NFL action.

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It’s that time again. Here are your fantasy start and sits for Week 14.

NOTE: This is a list of players who are on the bubble when it comes to deserving a starting spot for the week. Obvious choices won’t be mentioned, and likewise - some under-the-radar guys, will. Advising you to start Tom Brady offers no value to you as a fantasy owner.

Must Start Players


Tyrod Taylor, BUF vs. Steelers

Taylor has been getting hot again and the best part is that you can always count on him to use his legs to make some plays. He's also got some healthy receivers back in the lineup and the Steelers' defense is just not what it used to be. Taylor could be a top performer this week at the quarterback position.

Kirk Cousins, WAS vs. Eagles

Cousins may have had a not-so-great performance last week but expect him to produce this week when you need it most. The Eagles defense and just about everything about that team is trending downward as of late. Cousins has one of the most lethal passing attacks in the NFL, let him loose.


Jonathan Stewart, CAR vs. Chargers

The Chargers are allowing the eighth-most points to running backs this season and this is a game where the Chargers will traveling to the east coast. Stewart is easily a candidate for one of the top performances in the position this week.

Theo Riddick, DET vs. Bears

The Bears have struggled with stopping rushing attacks all season long. Though Riddick struggled last week, he's a big part of what makes the Lions' offense work. This week is going to be redemption for him as the Lions try and fend off the surging Packers in the playoff race.


Malcolm Mitchell, NE vs. Ravens

The Patriots certainly have been looking his way in the wake of the Gronk injury. They used all over the field last week and he put together a decent performance. If the Patriots are going to keep winning games they will have to take advantage of a suspect passing defense from the Ravens.

Jamison Crowder, WAS v.s. Eagles

To say Crowder is having a good year would be an understatement of the year. Crowder has scored in nine of 12 games this season and has emerged as Kirk Cousin's best target. He has certainly earned the right to start in your lineups as you gear toward the playoffs.


LaDarius Green, PIT vs. Bills

He is the single hottest target to pick up for your playoff run. Green has been there for Ben Roethlisberger and he's not going to let you down either.

Vernon Davis, WAS v.s. Eagles

With Jordan Reed likely limited if he plays, it makes Davis a viable option for the vaunted Redskins' passing offense. He burned the Eagles once this year, maybe he can repeat this week.


Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Vikings

The Jags have been decent at rushing the passer this year averaging about two sacks per game. This is more about how bad the Vikings' offense is. Those five guys up front are giving everybody a free pass through the toll road. Jacksonville could have a solid performance against a struggling offense.

Take A Seat, Sucka


Marcus Mariota, TEN vs. Broncos

The Broncos have a way of making quarterbacks struggle and this week should be no different. As good as Mariota has been, he doesn't have the receiving talent to compete with the outside defenders of the Broncos. This could be his roughest game of the season.

Matthew Stafford, DET vs. Bears

For as great as Stafford has been this season, he struggled mightily against the Bears once before this season. Their coverage unit is quite good and this could be a tough matchup. This has the makings of a slow-paced game, which doesn't seem to pose many big-play chances for Lions.


Terrance West, BAL v.s. Patriots

West has been hot and cold all through the season. Last week, West was hot catching two touchdowns last week but I don't expect a big performance this week. The Patriots are going to neutralize the running game of the Ravens and make them one-dimensional.

Darren Sproles, RB vs. Redskins

Sproles was on a tear just one month ago but now he's fallen into despair for four straight weeks. He's not going to be much help this week as you never know when he's going to have a role or not. At this point, don't trust a single Philadelphia Eagle on offense.


Jarvis Landry, MIA vs. Cardinals

Arizona's defense has come roaring back on the back end after struggling for a few weeks. Landry has been hit-or-miss over the last several weeks and though he'll catch a lot of balls, he won't do much with it. The best example was last week, he caught 11 of 12 targets but only had 87 total yards.

Allen Robinson, JAX vs. Vikings

Robinson and Bortles have not been on the same page this season. The Vikings have taken care of everyone outside of Dez Bryant. I would keep him riding the pine this week.


Dennis Pitta, BAL v.s. Patriots

Pitta has been a ghost in this offense for a while now and it's not the time to think he'll bounce back in a game with the AFC's best. Pitta has lost his luster in Joe Flacco's eyes and he's looking for bigger playmakers right now. He's just a one-off performer at this point.

C.J. Fiedorowicz, HOU v.s. Colts

The Texans are one of the least-trustworthy offenses is fantasy football. The playoffs are not the time to be focusing on boom-or-bust projects. Leave him off the depth chart for this week and ride someone else into the postseason.


New York Giants v.s. Cowboys

The Giants may have been one of the top scoring defenses in fantasy football but the Cowboys are allowing a measly 2.1 points per game to defenses. This game is going to be much different than week one and the Cowboys will be ready.

Must-Start Dallas Cowboy of the Week:

Jason Witten- For some reason, the Giants have always been one of those games that Jason Witten performs big in and they still haven't figured him out yet. The Giants are also allowing the third-most points to tight ends this season. Witten could be a huge factor.

Must-Sit Dallas Cowboy of the Week:

Dak Prescott- The Giants' defense is still going to pose some problems for Dak Prescott and this could be a game much like the Vikings, where he does enough to win but doesn't light it up. Prescott has been great this season but this game has Ezekiel Elliott written all over it.

Fantasy Football Name of the Week:

Witten Mittens

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