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Dez Bryant has Super Bowl goals: 'I still think we're a d*mn good football team'

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The Cowboys' star receiver didn't lose any confidence after 4-12 year.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Dez Bryant has always been known for having mounds and mounds of confidence. In a Q&A with CBS Sports, he continued to express faith that the Cowboys are not that far off from competing for a Super Bowl next year, despite the terrible 4-12 year.

"I'll tell you this -- every year you have a chance to go to the Super Bowl," he said. "I honestly think we have moved a step closer even though our record doesn't show it. I still think we're a damn good football team and we had an unfortunate situation no one could do anything about. I think right now we had an opportunity to get our mind right and understand what we have at stake. This doesn't last long, this team won't be together for a while, we have damn near all the pieces together, we have to somehow get it to back to where it's been. I just feel like injuries took a toll on us and we have to live with it and get better from it."

As long as the Cowboys can stay healthy -- which, of course, is a big if -- you have to think they're right up there with the best in the NFL. Good to see Dez isn't losing any confidence.