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Jerry Jones In The NFL Hall Of Fame? Just Imagine...

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Does the ol' wildcatter deserve the ultimate recognition for his contributions to the game?

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

All credit goes to Todd Archer for bringing this idea up in an article posted on ESPN. It's not something most of us have really thought about before, but one day it could be a reality. The idea of Jerry Jones entering the NFL Hall of Fame would surely make some heads explode, but Archer makes a compelling case.

San Francisco 49ers former owner Eddie DeBartolo was just voted into the Hall of Fame. He presided over a stellar run for the Niners, much like Jones did in the early 90s. But Jones has gone on to significantly contribute to the NFL as a whole. He's been involved with television rights negotiations, he's been involved with the collective bargaining agreement, he even brokered the plan that recently moved the St. Louis Rams to Los Angeles.

His marketing of the Cowboys, the stadium and practice facilities he's built, all of that has combined to keep the Cowboys relevant even though the play on the field has been mediocre to bad for the most part once the 90s run ended. His contributions to the NFL have been huge.

So we put it to you BTB. Does Jerry Jones belong in the NFL Hall of Fame at some point in the future? Vote in the poll and hit the comments.