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Cowboys News & Notes: Jalen Ramsey, Joey Bosa, Myles Jack ... Or A QB?

It is still a long time until draft day, but speculation still abounds regarding what the Cowboys will do at #4 and beyond.

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Is Jalen Ramsey No. 1 on Dallas Cowboys' draft board? - Jon Machota, Dallas Mornig News
Tony Pauline is currently reporting that the Dallas Cowboys have Florida State defensive back Jalen Ramsey at the top of their list thus far into the process. I suspect that with the Chargers needing to replace a departing Eric Weddle, they will likely grab Ramsey right before the Cowboys go on the clock. Still, if he is there, I would be shocked if the team lets him fall any further.

The Cowboys need to improve on the back end and adding a player like Ramsey at No. 4 makes sense. He would likely begin his Cowboys career as a cornerback, but he could eventually end up joining Byron Jones to form an impressive safety tandem.

I can think of a couple other times the Cowboys had impressive duos at safety, and both of those were times of great success.

If Cowboys trade down, picking UCLA's Myles Jack makes sense - Bob Sturm, Dallas Morning News
Sturm wants to talk linebackers, and that linebacker is Myles Jack.

He is a 3-down linebacker, but he is also so much more. His versatility as a "football player" is simply off the charts. The question that must be asked is whether he plays a position that is worthy of a Top 5 pick or not.

If you were one of those fans who felt that Dallas would have provided a good home for Luke Kuechly a few years back, you might be seeing a second coming of sorts. Jack can do it all, and he might also be a rare added wrinkle on offense as well. He played some running back for the Bruins as a freshman.

Cowboys have tried to improve pass rush, but more reinforcements needed - Jean-Jaques Taylor, ESPN Dallas
It is not just on the back end that the Dallas Cowboys defense needs to improve. They are going to have to do a better job of getting into the quarterback's face, knocking him on his tail or forcing him into making mistakes that the DBs can cash in on are all beneficial to the squad. In the NFC East, a stout pass rush can make all the difference, as Taylor put so eloquently.

An improved pass rush in this division, combined with improved health from Dez Bryant and Tony Romo, could help the Cowboys reclaim the NFC East title in 2016 because the other three quarterbacks in this division move like they belong in a retirement community.

[...] They could eye a pass-rusher with the No. 4 pick in 2016, with Ohio State defensive end Joey Bosa the most likely candidate.


Focus on fourth pick, but entire class will determine Cowboys' success - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Archer reminds us of multiple times when the Cowboys selected in the top five overall, and how many success stories came out of some of those draft classes. Take away the players who were selected later on during those drafts and you would likely take away most if not all of the silver footballs that currently occupy the trophy case in Dallas.

The odds are the Cowboys will find a good player at No. 4, but to get back to the playoffs in 2016 and beyond they have to find good players with their remaining rounds.

What Exactly Are The Cowboys' Biggest Needs For 2016? - David Helman,
Finding the kind of success that Archer was referring to requires a good hard look at the roster and plenty of self-evaluation. There are many needs on any NFL roster and the Cowboys are no exception. Helman identifies several areas of opportunity for the Cowboys to better themselves. Perhaps not all will be addressed through the draft, but serious thought will have to be put into each position as the team looks to return to the playoffs in 2016 and beyond.

For all the debate about his health, I think it’s realistic to think that Tony Romo has two-to-three largely healthy seasons left in the tank. Obviously, some kind of insurance policy is required. Once again, I expect the Cowboys to address this in free agency as well as the draft – but perhaps not as high as the No. 4 overall pick.


The five greatest draft steals in Cowboys history - Sports Day Staff, Dallas Morning News

Moving from this draft to ones from the past, the Sports Day staff takes a look at how players like Roger Staubach, Bob Hayes, Jason Witten and others became Cowboys.

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