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Cowboys Get A Quarterback In Latest Mel Kiper Mock Draft

But it may not be the one you'd have expected.

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There is little doubt that the Cowboys will have to address their QB situation in some shape or form this year. The Cowboys will likely need a combination of free agency and the draft to address that situation adequately, but what the exact formula will be has been the subject of much speculation.

ESPN draft analysts Mel Kiper released his latest mock draft today, and has the Cowboys addressing their QB situation with their first-round pick, but perhaps not with the candidate many would have expected.

Kiper's mock starts off predictably enough with Laremy Tunsil to the Titans, and he follows that up with an equally predictable pick that has the Browns picking a QB. Except that QB isn't Jared Goff, as many are expecting, but Carson Wentz.

Not done with throwing curve ball, Kiper then has the Chargers selecting a defensive lineman not named Joey Bosa; DeForest Buckner is the pick at No. 3 overall. That leaves the Cowboys with a lot of choices, and they go with a QB that hasn't been mocked to Dallas very frequently.

Jared Goff, QB, California

This is going to be a fascinating situation. On one hand, the Dallas front office isn't the least bit delusional if they look at the roster with a healthy Tony Romo and believe they can compete for a playoff spot, which makes it harder to take a QB who might not see the field for a couple of years. But ... let's not forget that they need to upgrade the backup QB situation, period. That's what derailed them last season when Romo was out. Tough call, especially if Goff is the top QB on their board and he's available here.

Goff hasn't been linked to the Cowboys very often so far, in part because he's widely seen as the best QB in the draft and the assumption has always been that the best QB would go to the Browns at No. 2. But what if the Browns like Wentz more than Goff?

If the Cowboys have Goff rated higher than Wentz, this would be a no-brainer of a pick. Or would it?

Here are the players the Cowboys passed on in Kiper's mock:

5. Jalen Ramsey, CB/S - Jaguars

6. Joey Bosa, DE - Ravens

7. Myles Jack, LB - 49ers

Would you pick Goff over the three prospects on the list above? Tell us you thoughts in the poll below and in the comments section a little further down.

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