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Please Welcome A New Addition To The BTB Team!

BTB is proud to bring on a new front-page writer.

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ED. NOTE: Greetings BTB community. Once again, we're adding to the front-page roster here at BTB. We are proud to announce Thomas Duck as a new writer, below is a quick intro from Thomas. Help me welcome him to the blog! -- Dave

Ladies and gentlemen of the Blogging The Boys community, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Thomas Duck, but you can call me duckman. I have been a member of this blessed union of Dallas Cowboys fans since 2010; I have even written a few FanPosts in the past under the name tduck1990. I am now truly humbled to join the staff as a front-page writer. It has been an interesting journey, so let me catch you up with my story.

I have been a fan of America's Team since I was just five years old, and like many of you, I have lived through both glorious victories and soul-crushing defeats. Through it all, my desperate need for information about my beloved Cowboys never ceased. Then, six years ago, I stumbled upon this glorious sports blog. I read stories by writers like Tom Ryle, One Cool Customer, and Rabblerouser and found them to be the refreshing alternative to mainstream meme media that I was looking for.

BTB quickly became part of my daily routine. One of the first things that I would do in the morning. Coffee and News & Notes was my preferred method of waking up. Eventually I began to feel an urge to write myself, and about a year ago I answered a twitter feed requesting writers for a new site. They brought me aboard and I quickly became their lead Dallas Cowboys writer. Soon I found my stories being featured in the very BTB News & Notes articles that I had been such a fan of. I moved on to some bigger sites and I'm sure some of you have even read some of my stories.

Now I am, in a way, coming home to the place where this journey began. When I began writing it was my goal to become a writer for Blogging the Boys, and I want to thank Ryle, OCC, and Rabble for their help in getting here and more importantly their inspiration. I also want to thank our fearless leader Dave Halprin for giving me the opportunity to join this great team. For all of you, I pledge to always give you my honest, unfiltered opinion. I look forward to interacting with you and learning from you. I am excited to see what the future will hold for BTB and the Cowboys, but for now it's just good to be home.

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