Romo has another QB record


Romo actually completed at least 60 percent of his passes in all 15 games he played in 2014, but he missed a start against Arizona with injury. He went on to hit the mark in both of his playoff starts that year for a total of 17 games, so if you want to recognize that as the true single-season record, I won't blame you. Romo's streak actually goes back to 2013, and his lowest game was the beginning of the streak: 60.4 percent vs. Green Bay. Romo hit 60 percent in his last two games of 2013 and his first three appearances of 2015. Add in the playoffs and that is a streak of 22 games for Romo, the all-time record for consecutive games with at least 60 percent completions. So when Romo struggled to an 11-of-21 (52.4 percent) day on Thanksgiving against Carolina, we saw the end of an all-time streak that no one knew we were watching at the time.