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2016 NFL Over/Under Win Totals: Cowboys Projected To Win NFC East

Super-early NFL season win totals for the 2016 season are in and Cowboys fans have got to like what a Vegas sportsbook is projecting for the Cowboys.

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Free agency is still two weeks away, the NFL draft is two months away, and kickoff to the 2016 NFL season is still half a year away, but that's not going to stop Vegas-based sportsbook CG Technologies from posting season win projections for the 2016 season.

The early projections can be a hit and miss affair. In 2013 the bookmakers were right on the money when they set the early over/under for the Cowboys at 8.5 wins. Heading into 2014, they had the Cowboys at an even eight wins, and the Cowboys' 12-4 finish made that earyl projection look a little silly. Last year the early over/under was 9.5 wins for the Cowboys, which just goes to show what a disappointing finish their 4-12 record was.

This year, the Cowboys are projected for 9.0 wins, tied for the ninth-highest total in the NFL. That places them atop the NFC East, 1.5 games ahead of the Giants, Eagles, and Redskins, all of whom are bunched at 7.5 wins.

The Cowboys haven't drafted anybody or acquired anybody in free agency. We still have OTAs, minicamps and training camp ahead of us. Not a single snap of organized football has been played yet. And while we don't have a lot of information about the 2016 team, what we do have is an abundance of opinions about the team. Are you optimistic enough about the Cowboys' chances this year that you would take the over on those 9.0 wins? Or are you picking the under?

You can look up the projected win totals for all 32 teams here, or you can simply browse through the table below to find out how the individual odds combine into divisional standings for all 32 teams.

National Football Conference
NFC East Proj. Wins
Dallas Cowboys 9
New York Giants 7.5
Philadelphia Eagles 7.5
Washington Redskins 7.5
NFC North Proj. Wins
Green Bay Packers 10.5
Minnesota Vikings 9
Detroit Lions 7
Chicago Bears 6.5
NFC South Proj. Wins
Carolina Panthers 10.5
Atlanta Falcons 7
New Orleans Saints 7
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6.5
NFC West Proj. Wins
Seattle Seahawks 10.5
Arizona Cardinals 9.5
Los Angeles Rams 7
San Francisco 49ers 5
American Football Conference
AFC East Proj. Wins
New England Patriots 10.5
Buffalo Bills 8
New York Jets 7
Miami Dolphins 7
AFC North Proj. Wins
Pittsburgh Steelers 10.5
Cincinnati Bengals 9.5
Baltimore Ravens 7.5
Cleveland Browns 4.5
AFC South Proj. Wins
Indianapolis Colts 8.5
Houston Texans 8
Jacksonville Jaguars 6
Tennessee Titans 5.5
AFC West Proj. Wins
Denver Broncos 9.5
Kansas City Chiefs 9
Oakland Raiders 7.5
San Diego Chargers 7

There are lots of things that can change between now and the end of the 2016 season, but over/unders are a strong indicator that the betting public believes the window for the Cowboys to be a Super Bowl contender is not closed yet - despite last year's 4-12 record.

The Cowboys have 20 free agents, most of whom they still need to take a decision on. But the core of their roster will remain intact. All five Pro Bowlers are still under contract, and Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, and Orlando Scandrick are all expected back healthy for next season. Plus they'll get a shot in the arm from the most premium draft position they've had since they drafted first overall in 1991.

Are you picking the over or the under at 9.0 wins?

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