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Former Cowboy DeMarco Murray May Want To Return To Big D

Philadelphia Eagles running back DeMarco Murray apparently wants to return to his Texas roots.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

We all tried to tell him. We practically begged. At this time last year, Dallas Cowboys fans across the country tried to convince running back DeMarco Murray to stay with the team that drafted him and turned him into a star. But despite our best efforts our beloved work horse back left Dallas for the riches of free agency.

Of course, what made it worse is that he left us to go to the arch-rival Philadelphia Eagles. And for what? Money. He talked a good game about believing a franchise that has never won a Super Bowl was his best chance to win a Lombardi Trophy. But let's be honest, if you really were concerned most with winning a title, wouldn't you stay with the team that just finished 12-4 behind a running game built to what could only be described as your exact specifications. It is unlikely any of Murray's custom-tailored suits fit him better than the Cowboys rushing offense did.

We all know exactly how that turned out for old DeMarco. He went from leading the NFL in rushing with 1,845 yards and winning the NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award in Dallas, to rushing for a mere 702 yards in Philadelphia. It was a precipitous fall from glory and it now appears that Mr. Murray has seen the error of his ways. In a story published February 26th on, writer Marc Sessler cited Ian Rapoport in reporting that the Eagles are now willing to listen to trade offers for Murray.

Teams know that Murray's situation is unsettled, with Rapoport reporting the runner and his agent would have to step in to facilitate a trade. It's been made clear that Murray is willing to do that, with one preferred landing spot: the Cowboys. Murray's affinity for Dallas is evident -- he's building a house there -- but trading him to back to his old team inside the division isn't ideal for Philly.

"Not ideal" might be a nominee for understatement of the year. The Eagles, however, are seemingly willing to do whatever it takes to move on form the Chip Kelly era. Kelly may have set Philadelphia back several years with the personnel decisions he made in 2015, but Murray seems to now realize that he made the wrong decision for his football future in signing with the Eagles. But hey, as our good friend KD Drummond's pointed out on Twitter, he can't say we didn't warn him.

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