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Tony Romo Surgery May Involve Inserting A Plate After All

He may not be opting for the Mumford procedure as previously reported.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

About three days ago, we posted an item noting that Tony Romo had pretty much decided to have surgery on his collarbone and that sources had him leaning towards a Mumford procedure. As it turns out, Romo himself says he's actually leaning towards inserting a plate with screws to strengthen the area that has been broken three times since 2010. Romo was doing a promotion when a reporter asked him about the situation.

Romo said he is leaning toward having a plate inserted in his collarbone. A final decision, though, won't come until he has CT scans next week to ensure the bone is fully healed.

"We're just going to do it for preventative," said Romo, appearing with his family at a promotional event for The Lego Movie 4D: A New Adventure at Legoland, on Saturday. "As far as the way I feel, I feel good. We just want to make sure that obviously it doesn't happen again, so we'll probably just put a plate on it and go from there."

As is typical of Romo, and the Cowboys organization as a whole, he is downplaying the situation.

"Putting a plate on it ... really you're just doing it to ensure next year when you take a hit," Romo said. "If I can do something that helps me to ensure that the bone doesn't break next time, I think that's good for everybody. It's a small procedure; it's not very big."

It had previously been reported that Romo was leaning toward a Mumford procedure which involved the shaving down of a bone, but this is a different remedy as the plate will be left in to help strengthen the problem area. The Mumford procedure previously discussed is usually more of a pain-reduction remedy, which might lead us to conclude Romo is still having some pain in the joint. But inserting the plate definitely means there is concern that the area is more vulnerable to a breaking again even after fully healing. The timetable is still 6-8 weeks so Romo should be able to participate in all offseason activities.

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