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Cowboys Awards: Pulling Out The Red Carpet Underneath The 2015 Season

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It’s time to hand out the most prestigious made-up awards for the Cowboys 2015 Season.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

It's Oscar time! Sunday night marks the 88th Annual Academy Awards. To honor this special event, a few of us front page writers got together and handed out some awards of our own. Without further ado, here are tonight's lucky winners:

One Cool Customer...

Best Foreign Language Film:

Jack Crawford - They say it's English because they speak it in England, but if you can't understand it, it ain't English.

Best Costume Design:

Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel for "Impersonating an NFL QB."

Cassel did a good job in the role of a running back as he had a couple nice runs, however - this isn't one of them.

Best Documentray, short subject:

The red zone ground game.

Tom Ryle...

Best Special Effects:

Chip Kelly for convincing the Philadelphia Eagles he could handle personnel.

Best Costume Design:

Whomever it was that came up with the Color Rush idea and convinced the league that these were real NFL uniforms.

Best Performance In A Drama That Captures The Jealously Of A Sibling:

Eli Manning as he holds back his excitement for his brother's Super Bowl victory. He really makes it believable. For a second there, you can almost see the resentment.

Danny Phantom...

Best Performance In A Late-Game Heroic Drama:

Tony Romo and Jason Witten - unfortunately it was last time these two would hook up for a touchdown that season.

Best Attempt To Get Your Former Teammate To Comeback:

Dan Bailey - he just wanted DeMarco Murray to stay a little longer. Saying goodbye can be so hard.

Best Picture:

The Return, starring Sean Lee. Man, it was great to have him back.

These are the awards we came up with. What do you think we left out?