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Tony Romo Postpones Decision On Possible Surgery For One Month

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The decision about Tony Romo going under the knife this offseason has been pushed off for another month. That is potentially good news. The issue revolves around whether to attach a metal plate on Romo's left collarbone to give it more stability after having injured it twice this past season. Romo recently had a CT scan that showed "good growth" in the collarbone that could lead to a result of not having to have a surgery this offseason. If the collarbone can repair itself to such a state that the team and Romo feel comfortable with, he will pass on surgery. That decision should come in one month when they take another look.

Todd Archer reports that there is a possible third path, something called a Mumford procedure.

According to the sources, it is possible Romo could pass on having a plate inserted to reinforce the collarbone and have what is called a Mumford procedure in which the distal portion of the clavicle is shaved down. The recovery time would still be 6-8 weeks and have Romo back on the field for the organized team activities in May.

I think all Cowboys fans are hoping for a full recovery without surgery that will allow Romo to have a normal offseason. Any kind of surgery would disrupt that but we'll have to wait four more weeks to know for sure.

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