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Cowboys News And Notes: Nobody In Dallas Wants Johnny Manziel

It seems that despite Jerry's enthusiasm on draft day, the Dallas front office has no interest in the former A&M QB.

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Manziel 'simply doesn't care'; Nobody at Valley Ranch wants him in the building - Brandon George, Dallas Morning News

In a Q&A session Brandon George was asked about signing Johnny Partyboy and putting him on a similar plan to the one the team used for Dez Bryant.  Brandon gives a list of good reasons why nobody wants Manziel in the locker room and he adds a few more draft thoughts as well.

Look, Manziel has shown no signs of maturing and no remorse along the way. He simply doesn't care. He's too much of a headache at this point. It would be a mistake for the Cowboys to sign Manziel. And, no one at Valley Ranch wants Manziel in the building. But Jerry Jones has ultimate say-so and whether he can pass on him twice remains a question this offseason.

Michael Irvin: Cowboys, Jerry Jones can help Johnny Manziel - Mark Maske, Washington Post

I will never dispute anything Michael Irvin says about Jerry being able to help a troubled player. He knows from personal experience just what Mr. Jones will do to help out. The real question that has to be answered in this discussion is "Does Johnny want help?".

“I know how Jerry’s helped me," Irvin said. "I know the kind of man he is. I know he’ll sit down and relate the situations and the setbacks that he’s had in life so you don’t feel funny about telling him or uncomfortable about telling him anything. And it helps to have that. He becomes a sounding board. I just really believe the right situation would really help the kid out.”

Carolina letting Hardy go should tell Cowboys that talent shouldn't always be deciding factor -     David Moore, Dallas Morning News

In a more detailed piece, George's colleague on the DMN staff explores the reasons why the Panthers moved on and why the Dallas Cowboys should stick to the original plan and treat defensive end Greg Hardy as a one year rental.

"It's an unfortunate set of circumstances, a very serious problem and issue in our society today,'' Rivera said this week during one of his Super Bowl news conferences. "We made a decision that we thought was going to be good going forward.

"As far as addition by subtraction, I don't necessarily know because he's a tremendous football player. But there are some other things you have to consider going forward.''

Troy Aikman believes quarterback could be Dallas' draft play - Chase Goodbread,

Another Cowboy great weighs in on how he feels Dallas should handle the QB situation.

"If there is a player who ... is what you view as a franchise quarterback, I think you have to take that guy," Aikman told PFT Live. "Jerry [Jones] is all in now and certainly he feels Tony Romo can play another three or four seasons, but I liken it a little to the Green Bay situation when the Packers took Aaron Rodgers." - Troy Aikman

Film Room: Evaluating Carson Wentz @ Senior Bowl - Bryan Broaddus,

While we are on the topic of QB prospects, BB gives us a video breakdown of Carson Wentz. Let's just say Bryan's breakdown has me liking this kid more and more.

Difficult Decisions For Staff In Selecting All-Time Cowboys Super Bowl Team -

You know that I would be all over something like this. Too bad the staff at the mothership did not call me to help them with this chore. I would have gladly joined the debate.

This team is about the performers who shined on the biggest stage. No, Larry Brown isn’t a better overall cornerback than guys like Everson Walls or Deion Sanders, but he’s a headliner on this list, considering he won Super Bowl XXX MVP and has three career picks in the big game.

There were some easy choices such as Brown, Emmitt Smith and Harvey Martin. But there were some tough ones as well, especially at quarterback and offensive line. And every team has to have a coach – that might have been the staff’s biggest debate of the entire list.

I am sure they had fun with this one.

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