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Cowboys Reported To Be Making Offer To Defensive End Benson Mayowa

Looks like things are moving along.

Mayowa is in the house at Valley Ranch.
Mayowa is in the house at Valley Ranch.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

After a couple of days of trying, it looks like the Dallas Cowboys have finally gotten defensive end Benson Mayowa into Valley Ranch. The Oakland Raiders restricted free agent was reported to be a target for them, but it took a bit to get him to Dallas. Now it is being reported that he is going to get an offer from the Cowboys.

The key is going to be what the Raiders decide to do about him. They can match the offer and keep him, but the Cowboys may have already gotten an idea of what they intend to do. In any case, until Oakland makes a call on Mayowa, this is just what it says, an offer. Mayowa is seen as a physically talented prospect who has had limited opportunities. He is not the complete answer to the need to bolster the Cowboys' pass rush, but would at least help fill the current hole there. The team still can re-sign Jack Crawford, as well.

The approach for Dallas may be to get a group of defensive linemen who can all contribute four to six sacks at affordable prices, rather than put a larger amount of cap space into one free agent who might give them ten or more. Given the high frequency of free agent acquisitions league wide who fail to live up to their contracts, this is certainly consistent with the approach the Cowboys have taken in recent years of letting free agency come to them rather than spending a lot to chase name players. We will have to see how it all works out, of course.

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[UPDATE] Mayowa reported to have signed offer sheet.


[UPDATE] Details emerging on offer.

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