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Yahoo Sports Report: Cowboys Expected To Release Brandon Carr, Target Adam Jones In Free Agency

Should we believe the dreaded anonymous sources?

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Yahoo Sports has a report up stating that the Dallas Cowboys intend to release cornerback Brandon Carr. The article claims that two league sources have told them that the Cowboys will do this unless Dallas and Carr come to some kind of agreement on a paycut. As will become the normal this time of the year, these type of reports will pop up all the time from anonymous sources, but speculation about Carr's status has been ongoing.

The Yahoo article doesn't stop there, it's a two-fer rumor. The Cowboys, according to this take, are supposedly interested in Cincinnati free agent and former Cowboy Adam Jones as a replacement.

Why The Carr Rumor Makes Sense

Carr's $13.9 million cap number is much too high for his production on the field. In fact, his salary makes him the fourth-highest cap hit in the NFL for corners. Even Jerry Jones has commented on the fact that his price tag is so high. Carr's production on the field has never matched what he's being paid and the Cowboys could use that money-savings to go shopping.

Why The Jones Rumor Makes Sense

Jones has resurrected his career in Cincinnati. We mostly remember him for his tumultuous past and his time in Dallas which was suspect, but in Cincinnati he's turned into a very solid corner. He won't cost as much as a top-tier corner. Since he went to Cincy he has had positive PFF grades and last year was among his best ever.

Why The Carr Rumor Doesn't Make Sense

The Cowboys secondary is thin right now. Morris Claiborne is a free agent and Orlando Scandrick is coming off a major injury. There is very little depth and the Cowboys would like to move Byron Jones permanently to safety. Letting go of Carr would force the Cowboys to get a couple of new corners signed and/or rely on the draft.

Why The Jones Rumor Doesn't Make Sense

Adam Jones will be 33 years old when the season starts, he couldn't be counted on as anything more than a short-term solution. His past reputation will never fully go away and he added to it with a terrible penalty that helped Cincy lose their last playoff game.

Likelihood That Either Rumor Happens

The Carr rumor obviously makes sense. Everybody who discusses the Cowboys has touched on the idea of releasing Carr so two anonymous league sources saying it is no big surprise.

The Jones rumor is new and during this time of year, there are a lot of these type of rumors. They can spring from things as small as (from the Yahoo article):

Interestingly, (Adam) Jones and his agent, Peter Schaffer, were at a popular steakhouse in Indianapolis on Friday night during scouting combine week, the same night Cowboys ownership and personnel executives were having a team dinner at the restaurant. Jones and Schaffer were seen briefly exchanging pleasantries with Dallas director of player personnel Stephen Jones before departing.

The Cowboys do have a history with Jones, he probably won't break the bank in free agency and he's been solid in Cincy since going there. The idea of his return to Dallas isn't totally crazy, but signing an aging player doesn't seem to be the way Dallas is doing business nowadays.

Still, Dallas Morning New columnist Kevin Sherrington had this item in an article of 10 Tips for Jerry Jones a little while ago:

10. Sign Adam Jones -- I know what you're thinking: He says limit the number of high risk/reward players, then he says to bring back the guy who had to pay more than $12 million last summer in a settlement over a brawl he caused in a 2007 nightclub incident. He'll also be 33 next fall. But here's the deal: He's apparently turned his life around, becoming an exemplary teammate in Cincinnati as well as a good cornerback. Besides, he's a personal favorite of Jerry's secretary, Marylyn Love, who still calls him Pacman and gets away with it.

Your thoughts, BTB?

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