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Three Questions: Losing Out On Patrick Robinson Is Not A Bad Thing For The Cowboys

What’s the scuttle bug? Here are my thoughts on a few issues buzzing around the Cowboys water cooler.

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Over the last week there have been a slew of topics that have gotten a lot of attention on social media. Here are my responses to three of them:

QUESTION 1: Cowboys fans thought that the team would be getting a solid free agent corner in Patrick Robinson, but then he backed out and signed with Indianapolis. What is your feeling on that?

It was disappointing that the Cowboys weren't able to sign Robinson. I like him. He is a good player. With so many questions still lingering at the cornerback position, a player with his skills would fit nicely on this defense. But it didn't happen and I'm fine with it. These athletes are trying to do what is best for their careers. Let's face it - Dallas has become tight wads in recent years. If a player can get more money elsewhere, so be it. You can't fault them for that.

But there is another element to this ordeal that is getting brushed aside and that is the Cowboys don't play games in free agency. They absolute refuse to overpay for free agents. Even more impressive is when they do sign a player, it always comes in the form of the player having to bet on himself. Look at all the one-year deals. Or you have a contract like Cedric Thornton that will give him more money in the last two years of his deal should he prove that he is worth it. Alfred Morris signed a real cheap deal, but if he is as good as he believes he is, he's going to have a productive tenure in Dallas. And what will that mean for him when he enters free agency? More money. DeMarco Murray showed everyone that you don't have to be a superstar to be paid like one.

QUESTION 2: After the disaster that happened last year when Tony Romo went down, why haven't the Cowboys done anything at the backup quarterback position?

The Cowboys have a plan. That plan includes some choices in free agency, the draft, and possibly trading for someone on another team. Nothing materialized in free agency. And when you look at the selections to choose from, it's not surprising that free agency couldn't solve this problem. Dallas wasn't going to spend big money for a backup. I mean, who does that? (Answer: Philadelphia) And once all the overpriced quarterbacks were gone, they were left with a bunch of players who aren't any better than Kellen Moore.

The next chapter in the QB search becomes the draft. And within that chapter are several different ways to go. Despite what Jerry Jones is telling everyone, the Cowboys could have either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff targeted at four. Or maybe they have some later round options in mind. It would be very surprising to me if the Cowboys did not draft a quarterback within the first four rounds.

But even that is no certainty. Sometimes, if you want something you have to go out and get it. Don't be surprised if the Cowboys give up some draft stock to pluck a quarterback off someone else's roster. They did that with Matt Cassel last year. Of course, they might consider spending a little more this time around.

QUESTION 3: The Cowboys haven't been able to make any big splashes when it comes to signing a defensive lineman in free agency, so why hasn't the team re-signed Jack Crawford?

I love Crawford. I would have thought he would be atop the priority list for the Cowboys entering the off-season. However, when you break down the Cowboys defensive line, it's not riddled with holes like many think. While there aren't a lot of big names in this group, it's a lot deeper than it used to be. The interior of the line now includes: Tyrone Crawford, Cedric Thornton, Terrell McClain, and David Irving. And despite missing two straight seasons with injuries, Chris Whaley is still under contract for 2016.

Crawford has the flexibility to play on the edge, but even that position has some players that should be more involved this season. DeMarcus Lawrence, Randy Gregory, Ryan Russell, and now - Benson Mayowa will be rushing from the outside.

And that is not including the draft where more rushmen resources are likely to be acquired.

While Crawford is a good player, what does he offer the team that they don't already have? I still think he ends up signing in Dallas, but it's not as pressing as it was before the team signed Thornton and Mayowa.

Those are just some of the things fellow Cowboys fans have been asking about lately. What about you? What's been on your mind recently?

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